The Benefits of a Financial Mindset - Marketing & Mindset Podcast Episode on YouTube

The Benefits of a Financial Mindset

In this episode, Tax & Wealth Strategist, Justin Maxwell talks about the benefits of having a financial mindset. Learn why you should shift your mindset and take steps towards financial freedom. Tune in and take notes!

Why Mental Health Matters in Business - Marketing & Mindset Podcast Episode

Why Mental Health Matters in Business

In this episode, Mia Zambarano, an award-winning, licensed mental health therapist teaches us why mental health matters in business. Learn the difference between mental health and mindset plus how they affect each other and your success. This is another great episode to tune into and take notes.

ending negative self talk marketing and mindset podcast episode

Ending Negative Self-Talk

In this episode, our very own Marketing & Mindset Cohost and amazing Christian Mindset Coach, Connie La Doc, shares tips on ending negative self-talk. This is a great and valuable topic so tune in and take notes!

Your Clear Value

In this episode, we invited Business Growth Strategist, Krista Martin, to share tips on finding your clear value for your business and growth. She shares amazing information that can really help you send a clear message to your audience, attract your ideal clients, and succeed.

Cultivating Confidence

In this episode, we have Calliope Sherrer back to share tips on cultivating confidence! If you feel insecurities that you think are holding you back, you need to tune in and take notes to this episode that really will help you stop the negative self-talk and really boost your confidence!

Healing Your Past for Success

Join us in an amazing conversation with Self Belief Counselor, Vanja Beric, sharing tips on how to heal your past to be successful!!! This is an amazing episode with lots of insight that can really help you get past things holding you back. Tune in and take notes!

How to Change Your Mindset

In this episode, I talk mindset with Fitness, Lifestyle, and Weightloss Coach, Jackie Dragone, who shares tips on how to change your mindset. Learn how to know if your mindset needs to be changed and what to do in order to change it so that you can succeed. tune in and take notes!

Gratitude for Success

Join us for a special conversation where we talk about gratitude with Student Coach, Kim Griffith. She shared how you can improve your feeling of gratitude on a daily basis to improve your life and achieve success.

Mindset Matters in Business!

This week, we did something different! We decided to not have a guest speaker and let Christian Mindset Coach, Connie @CLTLaDoc, be the guest speaker! Join us to hear Connie share mindset tips for business growth. This is a great mindset episode you don’t want to miss!

Why Coaches Struggle with Their Business

Join Connie and me as we talk to Energy Healer and Business Coach, Nina Maglic, as she talks about why coaches struggle with their business and gives amazing tips to help anyone during their struggle! Tune in and take notes!