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Want to Use Pinterest Like a Pro?

Get the Network Nessi Proper Pin Guide today! Learn tips and tricks to creating viral-worthy Pinterest images and copy – plus learn some Pinterest Pro SEO tips to gain traction and drive traffic to your business!

A Proper Pin Guide by a Pinterest Pro

I use my Pinterest Marketing knowledge to teach you how to create a proper Pinterest pin with the proper image, dimensions, copy, and SEO to help you boost your business!

The Proper Pin Guide will show you how to...

Create capturing Pinterest images

Learn the proper type of image, dimensions, and get a blueprint that shows you exactly how to set up the perfect, eye-capturing, and Pinterest proper pin image.

proper pin guide

Write the perfect Pinterest copy for your pins

Learn how to add Pinterest proper copy to your pin, where to add your branding, what to include in your text overlay, and where to add a Call to Action.


Incorporate Pinterest SEO to drive the right audience to your business

Learn how to use Pinterest SEO to your advantage, where to add keywords within your pin copy, and how to set up your pin title and description to make it Pinterest proper.

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Vanessa Cooper Network Nessi

Vanessa Cooper

Hello! My name is Vanessa, and I am so glad you’re here! I am a Pinterest Marketing Manager, freelance writer, and blogger. 

I created this Proper Pin Guide to help you learn how to use Pinterest images, text, and SEO to your advantage in order to help your business thrive on Pinterest!

Happy pinning!

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