Why Mental Health Matters in Business - Marketing & Mindset Podcast Episode

Why Mental Health Matters in Business

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Why Mental Health Matters in Business

In this episode, Mia Zambarano, an award-winning, licensed mental health therapist teaches us why mental health matters in business. Learn the difference between mental health and mindset plus how they affect each other and your success. This is another great episode to tune into and take notes.

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Mia Zambarano is an award-winning, licensed mental health therapist who has committed her life’s work to supporting people experiencing intense pressure and high expectations to overcome anxiety and optimize their performance. As a former Division 1 college athlete, entrepreneur, and full-time mother, she is no stranger to navigating pressure and has made it her mission to help other high-achievers do the same. After nearly a decade in the mental health world, she saw there was an unmet need in the field for people who wanted to achieve more but didn’t warrant a clinical diagnosis. Today, Mia combines her passion for deep inner work with intentional action to support high-achieving athletes, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to enhance their mentality and optimize their performance through her scientifically backed, signature POWER performance system.

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Why Mental Health Matters in Business

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Mia Zambarano, a licensed mental health specialist, shares some insight about the importance of mental health and why it’s important to pay attention to mental health when scaling your business. Taking control over your reality and connecting to your thought process is key to being the best of your potential.

Is There A Difference Between Mental Health And Mindset?

why mental health matters

Mental health is just like physical health but unfortunately doesn’t get that much attention. Mental health is the quality of your well being in relation to your emotions, psychology and mentality. You can gauge your mental health in the same way you do with physical health. How are you doing physically? Mentally? 

Mental illness is where there’s a struggle managing emotions or a thought process; mental illness is also a hormonal imbalance.

Mindset is more a set of beliefs that people have about themselves or something that they’re doing. Both mental health and mental mindset are important. Mindset can influence the way you feel and those emotions influence how you act in your day to day life.

How Can Mindset and Mental Health Affect One Another?

When your brain talks to you, when you feel things, it releases different chemicals. Those chemicals influence the rest of your body, be it the way you behave, feel and even your physical health.

The thought processes created through your mindset is almost a chain of reactions. It starts with something small and it snowballs into other behaviors that become an impediment to our success. 

Understanding your mindset and your mental health is key in progressing forward as an individual and business owner.

Mental health is affected by everything around you. People don’t function in isolation. There’s always a stimulus to impact your perceptions, actions and reactions, as well as responses to situations.

The relationship you develop with yourself will always influence how you develop relationships with others. The more you talk to yourself, positively, having an insight to your thoughts and feelings will nurture a positive approach towards building relationships with others and in the long run, scaling your business.

How Does Mental Health Affect Business?

A key point to remember is that: the more you ask of yourself, the more you should be giving to yourself. Unfortunately in the daily grind of things, we overlook this more often than you think. For example, you don’t take time out for lunch, skip your breaks or even overlook giving time for self-care. 

The pressure of your work life, a pre-existing mental health condition, family life, all these things will impact your mental health. If you’re not telling yourself that you’re taking care of yourself, your brain doesn’t tell the difference between stress and negative mental health. Overlooking this creates a bigger problem where it might be effectively too late to get back on track in a limited amount of time.

Think of it the same way as you think of physical health. You won’t wait for your symptoms to get out of control because it will take that much longer to get better.

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How Can You Strengthen Your Mental Health?

Perspective is important. You have more control than you think and as long as you realize that your feelings aren’t an outcome, you’re on the right path.

The first and most important thing you can do is to be aware of a problem. Ask yourself questions, such as, “Are you eating ok? Are you sleeping properly?” 

Take an inventory of your feelings!

Understand the thoughts that keep coming to mind most frequently and see how they affect your behavior. Small things like music, or a new look, can change your mindset and perspective. Are you meeting your needs? These are important points to keep in mind to always ask yourself if you feel that you’re in a slump, or struggling with mental health. Be intentional about your mental health and mindset.

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