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Video Marketing Tips

Marketing & Mindset Podcast Episode Video Marketing Tips
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Video Marketing Tips

In this episode, we had Co-founder & CEO of Business Video School, Nick Niehaus, sharing video marketing tips! You’ll want to tune into this episode to get tips on growing your business with video marketing, video marketing mindset tips, video marketing techniques, and more!

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Video Marketing Tips

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Nick Niehaus, Co-founder and CEO of Business Video School, shares some fantastic tips on video marketing for small businesses. Video marketing is a powerful and common way to market your business to reach the masses and your target audience.

Who is Video Marketing For? What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Video Marketing?

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The driving force behind video marketing is to use the CEO or a customer service representative–someone that customers would be interacting with, on camera to market the small business through personal branding.

Video marketing is the most significant way to market your business because viewers create relationships with people they can see. You’re seen as a real person as opposed to a business. 

At the crux of it, it creates intimacy and trust between the audience and the business.

What Techniques Can You Use in Video Marketing to Overcome the Fear of Being on Camera?

The first thing that happens when you see a video of yourself is that you hate the way you look and sound. Why? Because most of us feel that our voices are deeper in our heads. But to everyone else, you sound exactly the way you normally sound.

During the day we’re used to seeing ourselves in mirrors, and honestly, that’s not a true image of what we look like. It’s reversed. So for other people to see us on camera, we look “normal” – as opposed to what you see when you watch yourself on camera.

Remember the more you watch yourself, the more you get used to it. And keep your videos simple. For example, start with a “Happy Birthday” video for a loved one.

Depending on your business, your video marketing strategy will differ from others.

Getting Started with Video Marketing for Your Business

Start short. When you’re ready to face an unknown public, for example, through social media, create shorter videos. Why? They’re easier to make. 

Have a script. Be precise about what you want to talk about. A short-form video is usually only about 15-20 seconds, so know exactly what you want to say. Tie it into the community you’re a part of. Keep in mind, the first time someone watches you, they’re not giving you a lot of time. So be precise.

In the beginning, make it more about awareness as opposed to just promoting your business. Connect with the community and your target audience. As you make more videos, make them longer and then bring in information that will have your audience consider purchasing from your business.

Finally, you can make a CTA video or a call to action, where it’s promotional. These are usually the longest videos and are found on a landing page of a site.

How Important is Engagement in Video Marketing and How Can That Affect CTAs?

The key is to have only one call to action. When you give people more than one choice, they’re less likely to make any decision. 

The CTA will differ depending on what medium you use in video marketing. 

For example, YouTube is popular in video marketing but asking people to comment and subscribe can create delays in their taking action.

Turn comments into conversations. That will build engagement and increase your reach to other people! Craft your CTA depending on what you’re looking for. If you want followers, ask to tag friends and add comments. If you want the business, then use that in your CTA in your video marketing strategy.

Think about advertising and promoting your videos to people that are constantly engaging with you. Give them incentive by advertising your videos to them first and then to the rest of your audience later.

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What Type of Content is Best to Use with Video Marketing?

Depending on your business and your audience, you can share anything from information about your services or your personal story relating to your business. Find people in your community that use video marketing and see what types of videos work for them. Try to use that as a template and see how it performs for you.

Think specifics when it comes to your audience. What are they exactly looking for? Who is the person viewing your content? How does your business overlap with their personality? How can they benefit from you?

In the end, you might put out content that doesn’t perform or get negative reactions. Readjust your strategy and keep in mind that negative comments can mean that you’re headed in the right direction! Video marketing is a great and powerful tool and if you use Nick’s fantastic tips, you’re sure to succeed!

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