The Perfectionism Trap: How to Overcome Perfectionism

Marketing & Mindset Podcast episode The Perfectionism Trap
Marketing & Mindset
The Perfectionism Trap: How to Overcome Perfectionism

In this episode, Project Management Consultant, Nadia Streeter shares tips on overcoming perfectionism and improving productivity. Tune in and take notes to improve your own productivity and avoid “The Perfectionism Trap.”

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Nadia here – a recovering perfectionist who understands the struggle of feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled despite all the hard work. One day, I decided to take a step back and examine what was holding me back from living and feeling my best. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to live the life they are working so hard to create, but I wasn’t LIVING that life. As a Project Management expert, I cultivate environments & atmospheres of change through Experiences, Education, and Support. I’ve always had a passion for bringing peace and structure into other’s lives, to help them achieve greater work-life balance and experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives.

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The Perfectionism Trap: How to Overcome Perfectionism

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Productivity is the base of any business and to be able to manage time and tasks accordingly plays a vital role in success! Nadia is is a Project Management Consultant and has experience in productivity from both her personal life and being in corporate America. She shares some amazing insight into how to be productive and how to avoid “The Perfectionism Trap.”

The Problem With Perfectionism

how to overcome perfectionism in your business

Perfectionism is something we all burden ourselves with, whether in our businesses or everyday lives. When you are being productive, completing your task lists, creating content, etc. – you want to do your best. But perfectionism comes with a cost. Being perfect is not possible, nor is it practical. It adds stress, anxiety and often comes in the way of being productive.

Perfectionism, simply put, is an illusion. 

More specifically, perfectionism is a harmful illusion. Perfectionism is like a state of mind which pushes you to create unrealistic goals for yourself and your business. This unrealistic expectation leads to procrastination and, finally, paralysis.

The Perfectionism Trap is a constant cycle that’s feels impossible to get out of until you decide to make a mind-shift from perfectionism to progress. The biggest key take away to avoid this trap is to step back, re-evaluate, and shift to progress. No matter how small that shift is or how small that step is, it counts!

What Are Some Ways To Free Yourself From The Perfectionism Trap?

As mentioned before, shifting your mindset from perfectionism to progress is key. Once you realize that your tasks are being completed, this type of progress turns into productivity which will lead to success. No matter how big or small, it’s a step in the right direction. 

Have a rough, first draft. From the business mindset, if you’re offering a service or product, think of it as version 1.0. Allow yourself to release your draft and see where you can make improvements. Release it to your friends or a smaller group of people, because the feedback you receive is a WIN! It’s a step towards making progress and finally towards being productive. Take that feedback, go back to the drawing board and iron out any complications. 

There is nothing more productive than improving your business!

Perfectionists usually spend time setting unrealistic expectations which then hinder their progress. Perfectionism results in paralysis – or the lack of taking action and making progress towards a goal. It starts off as procrastination because of the amount of time you need to invest in it to get it “just perfect.” Usually, that “perfection” never comes along because you’re always looking to improve it before release. Then that same frustration of not “getting it right” develops into a full stop. It never gets done.

After making the mind shift from perfection to progress and taking action, you’ll realize that the amount of time spent working to “perfect” something was wasted! Yes, wasted! Why? You could have improved it by trusting your audience’s feedback, like mentioned before.

Identify the wins as you make progress. As you shift your mindset towards being productive, identify the wins along the way. For example, feedback for your product or service is a win. Getting 2 out of 3 tasks on your list completed is a win! This will help you stay motivated in setting realistic goals – which will help you set yourself free from being a perfectionist.

how to overcome perfectionism
Reflect and see where you started, and where you have come today! Treat yourself and acknowledge the win! 

Invest in yourself and give yourself the time to shift your mindset and create a path that not only takes you towards your goals, but is a path that is feasible and productive. Take small steps and celebrate the victories along the way!

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