marketing and mindset podcast taking messy action and relationship marketing

Taking Messy Action & Relationship Marketing

Marketing & Mindset Podcast Taking Messy Action and Relationship Marketing
Marketing & Mindset
Taking Messy Action & Relationship Marketing

In this episode, Relationship Marketer and Copywriter, Kelly Harris talks about taking messy action and shares relationship marketing tips to help your business grow. You’ll want to take notes during this episode!

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Taking Messy Action & Relationship Marketing

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From the way you dress to the way you interact with people daily, you’re marketing yourself. Surprised? Marketing is important for any business to thrive and succeed. Kelly Harris is an expert Marketer and Copywriter and shares insight into the importance of Relationship Marketing.

What is Messy Action and How Does it Apply to Beginners?


Messy action is overcoming the fears and expectations placed on ourselves by us and others. The idea of messy action is to take advice but learn where in your journey, it applies to you. What is the next step that is best for you? Not everyone’s journey is the same. So it’s important to take advice but to evaluate where it would be most effective for you.

Taking action is important. Most people get stuck in perfecting something before putting it out there. While that approach is ok, it becomes an impediment to your learning curve and the time it takes to grow as a business. Using feedback and adjusting what you offer is the key to success. 

How Can I Recommend Taking Messy Action to Someone That Needs Help?

Most people are overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about marketing tactics in their business. The first step is to understand what it is that you want

Take whatever it is that is on your mind and create a mind dump. It can be business-related, children, laundry, etc…write down everything that is on your mind. Next, you want to categorize your jobs. Then, check out the ones that can be finished quickly and get it done. Break the other jobs into smaller actionable goals.

A mind dump will help you clearly understand what you need for your business and how to take messy action.

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Is Messy Action Geared Towards Product or Service-Based Business?

While taking messy action is geared more toward service-oriented businesses, it can be used to promote products as well. With services, most of the marketing can be done on social media. But with products, the tactics are a bit different. It’s more about marketing what type of experience comes with purchasing the product or using the product. 

With services, you’re offering a transformation, while with physical products you’re offering an experience.

Taking Messy Action Through Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is all about building connections rather than just focusing on sales.

There are many business owners that refuse to be the brand’s voice and face. But having both is very vital to the image of your business. Your target audience needs to know what your business is about, they need an image to connect to. For example, in Texas, there’s a gas company called Buc-ees which uses a beaver as its brand’s image. 

Relationship marketing is based on people being able to connect to you and your brand. Don’t just focus on the following, because the engagement is where it’s at! How many people engage with your business? Those are the potential clients.

It’s About People, Not Sales!


Social media is a great platform for relationship marketing even today! It might feel like spam, but take messy action, and engage with your followers! Be personalized about it. For every follower that comes your way, reach out to them. Use Kelly’s 3-2-1 method:

  1. Like 3 posts that you genuinely enjoyed
  2. Comment on 2 of them
  3. On 1 post, write a thank you, letting the person know that you appreciate them

Story-telling is another great tactic in relationship marketing. While this might not lead to a sale, they might share your stories with friends who might be future clients! 

Offer free help! By offering a freebie, you build trust with your clients and while it might not always convert to a sale, you’ll probably be the first person they come to when they need help.

Marketing can be overwhelming but knowing what you need and what you want to use it for is key. Build relationships with people. Use your brand story, voice, and image to connect to your audience. And finally, take messy action and put yourself out there! Consistency and hard work are the keys to success!

About the Author

Sonal Gadkar is a freelance writer for hire, based out of Long Island, New York. She writes long and short-form blog posts, provides content for social media (specifically for Instagram) and more! Need a writer? She’s your gal!

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