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Pinterest SEO (Pinterest Keyword Research Tips)

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Pinterest SEO (Pinterest Keyword Research Tips)

In this episode, Pinterest Marketing Expert & Content Creator, Vanessa Cooper shares tip on Pinterest SEO, optimizing your Pinterest profile with keywords, and shared Pinterest keyword research tips.

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Pinterest SEO (Pinterest Keyword Research Tips)

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Pinterest marketing expert and content creator, Vanessa Cooper shares some of her Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization) tips to help attract more traffic and convert leads into customers.

Why Do You Need Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest is less of a social media platform and more of a search engine, like Google. Users use Pinterest to search for recipes, DIYs, organizational ideas, etc. Consider Pinterest to be a combination of Instagram and Google. It’s a visual search engine. In order to market your business effectively on Pinterest, you need to learn Pinterest SEO.

How Do You Grow on Pinterest? How Do You Get the Attention of Your Target Audience?

Pinterest SEO for business owners

This is where Pinterest SEO comes into play. By using Vanessa’s tips, not only will you see growth but you’ll reach your target audience with ease.

1. Know Your Target Audience

It’s vital to your business’ success to know exactly who you want to target when it comes to marketing your business. Who will benefit from what you have to offer? Who’s looking for you as an answer to their questions? 

2. Use Keywords

Using keywords in your Pinterest Pins is an example of Pinterest SEO. You’re optimizing your Pinterest Pins to have keywords that people will use in their search. This results in your content appearing on their search results page and encourages them to click on your pins. Be an answer to their problem.

3. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very important example of Pinterest SEO. Using keywords in your pins is key but how do you know what keywords to use? One way to do keyword research is to use the search bar on Pinterest. It gives you suggestions as you type in a query, and those suggestions are the ones that are being searched for the most! The more detailed your search is, the better. You can wind up with a specific long-tailed keyword that you can use to help people find your content on Pinterest. 

Another way to find keywords is using Pinterest Trends. Pinterest Trends is a site that’s created for users to find keywords and how they were performing over a given amount of time.

Pinterest also has different types of pins that you can create. Once you know your target audience, use all sorts of pins (idea pin, a static pin, a carousel, etc…) for your content and see which appeals to your audience the most!

Finally, there’s a tool called Pinterest Predicts, which is almost 80% accurate, that will predict what type of content will be popular for that given year. It’s worth taking a look at so you can keep in mind the type of content you want to create as well as the type of keywords you want to use to target your audience.

Where to Incorporate Your Pinterest SEO & Where to Place Pinterest Keywords

Now that you’ve made a spreadsheet of the keywords that you’ve researched and want to use, where do you use those keywords as a part of your Pinterest SEO strategy?

First, you want to optimize your Pinterest profile with keywords. Use keywords in your profile to attract your audience to your page. Your profile name is also searchable on Pinterest! Use keywords in your profile name and keep it related to what you want to offer.

Add keywords to your Pinterest profile description. Don’t use your website in the description because it can’t be clicked. Instead, use your keywords to further optimize your profile. 

Also, add your keywords to your boards. Use boards to organize your pins. The name of the boards can also be keywords that relate to the content you create. 

Pinterest Keyword Tips Pinterest SEO

Finally, add keywords to your Pin titles and Pin descriptions. This is an important step in Pinterest SEO! For example, don’t just use the name of your product, but use keywords that relate to your product.

Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic to your business and website if it’s used effectively. Using Vanessa’s Pinterest SEO tips will help you not only grow your Pinterest but also to convert leads into potential sales!

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