top 3 marketing tips for business growth (3)

Top 3 Marketing Tips for Business Growth

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Top 3 Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Listen to Connie and I share Pinterest marketing tips, Instagram marketing tips, and learn some attraction marketing to help your business grow!

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Top 3 Marketing Tips for Business Growth

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In this episode, we had the privilege of hearing from Marketing & Mindset Podcast Co-Host, Connie (otherwise known as La Doc), a Christian mindset stress coach. A staple quote that Connie likes to remind others of is that “stress is an emotional response to a situation”. As a stress coach she prioritizes mental health care while growing a business. Here we looked at a few tips from her that you can use in your marketing to save time, reduce stress, and grow your business!

Marketing Tip #1: Repurpose Content

top 3 marketing tips for business growth (2)

As Connie mentioned in the podcast, people don’t prefer perfect, they prefer real. Don’t be afraid to repurpose old content into different media. This will save you a lot of time and worry about thinking of what to post next. It doesn’t have to be brand new and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. As long as the content is still useful to your audience, you can resell the idea to make it engaging in different ways. Do you have an old blog post from a few years ago? Make it into an Instagram reel or story. A quick LinkedIn post that needs revamped? Turn that content into a full blog post. Maybe you have more value to add to the content since you originally posted. The biggest thing to remember is to continuously provide value to your target audience and repurposing content can help with this.

Marketing Tip #2: Team Collabs

Connie mentions the importance of using what (and who) is around you to grow your platform. Look for people in your area that you could provide value to and vice versa. Network to grow these relationships. You don’t necessarily need to be in the same niche but you should have some sort of connection to be able to establish that symbiotic relationship. Examples of collaborations could look like a joint post or something as simple as a shout-out. The more people you are able to partner with, the easier it is to grow your following.

Marketing Tip #3: Create a Website Blog

A good business requires empathy. Every business owner needs to be able to put themselves in their target audience’s shoes and the way to show that you’ve done this is through your website’s blog. It is so important for your website to have a blog because this is how potential customers get a feel for who you are and what you can provide. It is the first step to creating a relationship with your target audience. 

Blogs are also important in order to rank with search engines! Your audience needs to be able to find you, and optimized content through sites like Google are your best bet to being found. This is where a blog helps enormously. The more content you have, the more there is to optimize leading to a greater chance of you getting noticed. Connie also emphasizes the importance of consistency in showing up for your business and a blog is definitely one of the instances where consistency matters. Learn more about why you should start a blog for your website in this post.

marketing tips for business growth

Ending Notes...

Connie did a great job in explaining different marketing tips that can be used to grow your business organically while prioritizing self-care in the process. A common theme with all three of these tips is providing value to your target audience, and to do so consistently! Become a need and not a want to them.

Do you have any other tips that can help marketers grow their business while practicing self care? Share in the comments below!

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