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Mental Health & Disability

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Marketing & Mindset
Mental Health & Disability

In this episode, Deaf Queen Boss, Kellina Powell, shares mental health tips for people with disabilities. Listen to Kellina’s story of how she started her business and helps others with disabilities with their mental health.

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Mental Health & Disability

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Life coach and Deaf Queen Boss, Kellina Powell, shares tips about mental health and how she helps people with disabilities on their journey of growth.

Isolation of Children with Disabilities and Their Mental Health

mental health and disability

Kellina mentions that as she was growing up, all the students in her school that had any disabilities were isolated from the “normal” children. This is true – as Vanessa mentions in the chat – that due to this separation, people are not aware or educated on the importance of understanding the different types of disabilities people cope with and how this affects their mental health. Kellina mentions that being a deaf child made her feel alone and isolated because there was no one like her to be there as a mentor to help. This inspired her to take action and help others in situations like hers.

Mental Health Tips for People with Disabilities

Look for mentors! It’s vital to have someone to guide you, like Kellina. And it’s also important to make sure that you create a budget for one. 

In looking for a mentor, try to see if they’ll have a free consultation call to make sure you can ask all the questions you want, in order to gauge and see if that person is perfect for you. Always keep in mind what they can offer you and how you can benefit from it. 

Ask personal questions! Try to understand their personality as opposed to learning about their business mindset. You’re not just forming a business partnership per se, but a relationship.

The Most Common Mental Health Issue

According to Kellina, anxiety and depression are the most commonly found mental health issues she has faced with people she’s helped. People tend to compare themselves with others and their journeys, and that makes them feel left behind. Everyone’s timeline is different, and it’s vital to understand that your journey is always going to be different from others. 

Try activities like doodling, drawing, and coloring to help reset your mindset. Interactions in real life and with social media can also influence your mental health. Sometimes it’s necessary to step away from social media. Talking about your problems or even role-playing out situations that trouble you, are great ways in trying to cope with mental health problems.

mental health tips for people with disabilities podcast episode

What Resources are Available for People with Disabilities Struggling with Their Mental Health?

Along with the exercises mentioned above, there are also Facebook groups you can join to interact with others. Learning about someone else’s journey can help you realize that while your path is different from one another’s, you’re not alone. 

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is also a great resource for help. CBT is a commonly used type of psychotherapy that is goal oriented. The basic idea behind CBT is to change your mindset to change your behavior. CBT is based on changing unhelpful patterns of thinking or behavior and dealing with problematic core beliefs that are negatively influencing your lifestyle. 

It’s important to have a good support system. 

If you find yourself surrounded by people that affect you negatively, it’s ok to cut them out of your life. You get one life to live and it’s important to live it with good people around you. If you’re suffering with your mental health especially, it’s important to have people around you that will support you. Evaluate the people you hang out with. It can be a friend, close friend, or even family, that you might need to cut out and there is no reason to feel bad about it. 

Your mental health is important!

If you feel your mental health is suffering or you have any disability, there is no reason to feel alone or isolated. There is help and with the right help, you can achieve your goals! Having a mentor and the right support system can make a world of difference!

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