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Landing Clients with Proper Branding

Marketing & Mindset how to land clients with proper branding
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Landing Clients with Proper Branding

In this episode, Brand Strategist & Web Designer, Kayla Nias shares tips on how to land clients with proper branding. Learn more about what branding means for your business, whether you should have branding in your business, and more!

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Kayla Nias is a brand strategist, web designer AND your partner-in-crime when it comes to unleashing the extraordinary. Whether you’re an innovative startup, a daring entrepreneur, or an established brand seeking a refreshing twist, KIN Creative Agency is here to help you infuse your branding vision with passion, purpose, and that unmistakable ‘wow’ factor. Kayla has worked with over 100 creative entrepreneurs (i.e. photographers, fashion designers, and hairstylists) to date to help them break free from convention and leave a lasting, soulful impression on their target audience (or as we like to say at KIN, your client family) that inspires, drives meaningful engagement, and leads to sustained business growth.

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Landing Clients with Proper Branding

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Branding is essential when scaling your business. Kayla Nias is a Brand Strategist and Web Designer with her own freelance business. Starting from YouTube to focusing on business branding, Kayla shares her experience and some tips and tricks for landing clients with effective branding.

What is Branding?

how to land clients with proper branding

Initially, the first thought that comes to mind when new business owners think of branding is visuals. Although colors and fonts are the first thing people notice about a business’ branding, the main point to think about is, what is going to get people to come and stay. Branding is not just about colors and logos but also how you infuse yourself into your business. It’s about your language, content, and how you position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Why is Branding Vital for a Successful Business?

Depending on the niche you choose, there is a lot of competition because of businesses that have already established themselves in your industry. Branding is especially vital because it’s the most important way to stand out from a crowd. For example, in the fast-food industry, there are many restaurants. Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, are just a few. What sets each of these restaurants apart from the others? Their branding. You know that when someone mentions, “the golden arches,” they’re referring to McDonald’s.

Are There Business Types Where Branding Might Not Matter?

Most if not almost all of the time, businesses improve with branding. The only businesses where branding might not be as necessary are with those that provide necessities. For example, gas, water, electricity–these are the basics people need on a day-to-day basis. 

The ultimate goal for any business is to become a necessity through its branding. People should automatically think of your business for their needs.

How Do You Develop Your Brand’s Voice?

Infusing yourself into your business and branding is vital to stand out from the crowd in your specific niche. But what does that entail? 

It’s important to use your personality in certain aspects when branding your business but it’s also vital to understand what your target audience is expecting from you as an expert in your niche. 

Patience, support, and knowledge are important traits to have – as well as being approachable. Your brand’s voice should be a mix of your personality along with characteristics you know your target audience will appreciate when approaching you for their specific needs.

How Do You Start Branding?

Figure out what you want your business to represent. Research color psychology and understand what colors attract your target audience. Understand what you want to offer and how you want to appeal to your audience. 

You might not have funds immediately to create a comprehensive marketing tactic, but you can start with the basics.

Always keep in mind what you want people to feel and see when they come across your business.

proper branding tips to land clients

How Can Branding Help You Land Clients?

The first thing to consider is, “What is the outcome?” How is your business going to help your target audience? This is something that your business needs to express through its branding. This is the best way for your audience to understand what you have to offer.

Along with infusing your personality into your brand to set yourself apart from the competition, it’s also important to physically infuse yourself into your branding as well. For example, with your business’s social media accounts, consider using your face as part of your company’s branding. Having images of yourself involved in the products or services that you provide. Doing this builds appeal but more importantly, it gives a face to your business, which then builds trust and eventually helps scale your business. 

Learn to be confident with yourself and be yourself when it comes to incorporating yourself into your brand. Copying someone else’s tactics will not set you apart. Do what works for you and you will connect with your target audience at a whole new level!

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