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Instagram Marketing Tips for Business Owners

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Instagram Marketing Tips for Business Owners

In this episode, Connie La Doc talks about Instagram and shares Instagram marketing tips for business owners. If you want to grow your business on Instagram, you will want to listen to this episode and take some notes!

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Instagram Marketing Tips for Business Owners

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With the new changes being brought out with Instagram’s algorithms, Connie has some amazing tips and tricks to help Instagram users reach more engagement through her Instagram marketing tips.

Instagram Marketing Tips #1: Content Duration

instagram marketing tips for business owners

The new Instagram algorithm mentions that posts with longer view durations are being prioritized over the others. What does that mean? Posts or reels that involve followers being on that post longer, whether to swipe through your content, read your captions or watch your videos are being prioritized and noticed. 

Use your stories to increase engagement and form relationships. The more people that reply to your stories, the more people your stories will be shown to. Aim to get replies by engaging with your followers. 

Use your platform to add value or answer a question. Your content should provide a solution and a call to action.

Instagram Marketing Tips #2: Intentional Controversy

With new tools being beta tested at the moment, Instagram is rolling out something called, reactions. In order for people to engage with your content, a great Instagram marketing tip (whether it’s for the new changes or to implement now) is to post something that gets people to think. Intentional controversy is the term that Instagram uses to describe these posts. Post something that causes people to react.

Use a call to action to have people follow you or ask questions. Try going live with other creators that are in your niche to increase engagement.

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Instagram Marketing Tips #3: Have Genuine Content

A new change brought forth with Instagram is one that we’ve all noticed at some point when posting content. Instagram began with a curated look, where all the content looked like it was pre-planned and belonged together as a whole.

Instagram now supports more candid, or genuine-looking content. The idea of being yourself and creating real content as opposed to something preplanned is what drives people to form a connection with you. It’s not about having sales and selling an idea on the platform, but about reaching out to people and connecting. 

Another tip to keep in mind is to be wary of reposting content from other brands with logos outside of your niche. If it’s relevant, that’s ok but “reposting” for other reasons will not be effective towards your growth on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Tips #4: Engage With Others

Don’t just add content to your account without engaging with others. The fear that your ideas might be stolen or used by others is not true! There are many ideas, a lot of work, and business out there for everyone. Think of Instagram as a network of people in a community. Engage with people in your industry and encourage them to do the same. Build a network of people where you can learn and share ideas! It’s a great way to gain a following and build engagement.

Using 3rd Party Posting Apps

If you’re using 3rd party posting apps that automatically posts your content for you on a schedule, make sure it’s posting it in the correct dimensions and format for Instagram. A pro-Instagram marketing tip is to make sure that your content is optimized for each platform that you use. For example, with Canva you can make sure that your posts are resized and formatted for whichever social media platform you post on. If you want to be professional, take the time to make sure your posts are edited and formatted correctly.

instagram marketign tips for your business

Ending Notes...

Instagram is a great way to market your business if you know how to ride out the changing algorithms. Test out your posts to see which ones work and have more engagement. Make sure your captions are detailed and informative. Engage with others because it’s about you, putting yourself out there, and making connections with people. Post genuine, candid content and show people that you’re a real person! Following these guidelines and being consistent will not only grow your Instagram account but push your business towards success!

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