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How Your Niche Needs You

how your niche needs you marketing and mindset podcast episode
Marketing & Mindset
How Your Niche Needs You

In this episode, Wedding Photographer, Jen Sulak shares amazing business niche tips and teaches us a very important lesson on how your niche needs you. Tune in to this colorful episode on being authentically you as you discover your niche!

Connect with Jen:

Jen Sulak wedding photographer
Jen Sulak is a passionate photographer and artist that welcomes the weird, celebrates imagination and creates opportunity for belonging. 
She has been in business over 16 years and added a new hyper-niche brand Weirdo Weddings Photography in 2020. Jen’s passion and drive is connecting with others through creativity and self-expression!  Her most recent adventure into inspirational speaking as Pink Hair Jen is one of the many ways she is connecting with her community and having fun while doing it all!

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How Your Niche Needs You

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In this episode, Vanessa chats with Jen Sulak, a creatively amazing wedding photographer and discusses the importance of “niches” and how niching down can affect your business. Running a business is a challenge but if you want to grow and succeed, it’s time to face the music! 

What Does It Mean To Niche Down?

Firstly a niche is a specific topic or category of something you enjoy and are passionate about. Niching down means zeroing in on something that you know well, and can work on for an extended amount of time, without losing interest. Think of niching down as finding your one true love in the category you want to develop into a business.

In a business, you can niche down the clientele you work with. For example, if you want to work with only a certain demographic, that group of people is your target audience. You can also niche down your area of expertise. For example, if you’re into makeup, perhaps you’d want to niche down into vegan makeup, or Indie brands, or maybe just the opposite and go into luxury makeup only.

Keep in mind, niching down and sticking to a specific category doesn’t have to be permanent. You can always change what you like to do by having a spinoff, or a tangential topic that relates to your niche but just in a different direction. For example, with our makeup example, you might want to move from Vegan Makeup to Affordable Clean Skincare. 

Who Can Benefit From Niching Down?

Whether you’re a service or product based business, everyone can benefit from niching down. One way is by time management. We’re all pressed for time and having something specific to offer will save your target audience’s time. They will know exactly where to look because they know what you offer. Even in terms of marketing your business, instead of spending days marketing in multiple niches, you can spend a smaller amount of time in just one or two. 

This way you reach your audience faster.

One downside (and yes it does exist!) is that because you niche down to something so specific, you might find yourself “lonely” in your niche because you’re so specific in what you have to offer. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t niche down! There are more pros to niching down as opposed to not doing it at all. 

Running a business is a challenge and if you want to succeed, face those challenges!

How Does Niching Down Affect Your Audience?

Niching down will also affect your target audience by shrinking it just a bit. Niching in general means that you will be facing a smaller crowd. You will know your exact target audience and can reach a larger amount of people. This means you can also be paid what you’re worth, because niching down makes you more valuable!.

Look at it this way, instead of marketing something generic and trying to reach a huge audience, think of being specific in your business offer and being able to reach most, if not all of your target audience.

business tips on niche how your niche needs you podcast episode

How Your Niche Needs You!

However you decide to niche down in your business, understand that it’s waiting for you to step in and take over! There’s a niche waiting for you to build your business around because there’s a target audience waiting for your specific services! 

There is nothing better than being told, “you’re exactly who I need!”

Do you have to niche down to succeed? Not at all! Success is what you define it to be! But if you’re looking for a challenge, think about niching down, because people are out there waiting for you to offer exactly what they need! Your niche needs you!

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