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How to Have a Leadership Mindset

Marketing & Mindset
Marketing & Mindset
How to Have a Leadership Mindset

In this episode, the Fancy Nomad, Renee La Tour shares tips on how to have a leadership mindset. She helps solopreneurs who are trapped and burnt out find freedom and reach their goals. Tune in to this great episode!

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How to Have a Leadership Mindsest

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Renee La Tour, the creator, and founder of the Ticket to Freedom program shares some tips on having the right leadership mindset as a solopreneur. 

What is a Self-Leadership Mindset?

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As an effective solopreneur, you need to understand where you’ve come from and where you’re headed. Once you know what your goals are, it’s important to take action. This is the most natural way to inspire others in your business and yourself to move toward success. 

A common mistake people make is that they over-complicate the definition of leadership. Simply defined, a leadership mindset is an idea of taking action to be a better version of yourself and implementing the steps it takes to scale your business. It’s important to be authentic and and honest with yourself instead of comparing yourself to others in a similar position. Why? Everyone’s journey is different.

Following a Self-Leadership Mindset

One of the most important things to keep in mind as a leader is to never take things personally. As solopreneurs, our business is our identity and therefore, it becomes difficult to handle criticism or advice. The business’s problems are our problems.

Something we tend to do quite often is to react immediately to any issue that arises. Unfortunately, the only thing we accomplish by doing this is to increase our stress levels and handle the situation poorly. Our mindset needs to change from being reactive to being productive.

Take a step back and really think about the problem at hand. What are you trying to resolve? How can you help make things better? A great way to help shift your mindset is to meditate.

Meditation doesn’t need to be a fancy practice, but understand that it’s a daily practice. These are steps you need to implement daily, in order to shift from your current mindset into a leadership mindset. Breathing exercises will help you reset your mind and help relax your brain.

Finally, know when you’re at capacity. Learn to delegate your work to others in your business. Being over capacity and stressed doesn’t help anyone. Instead, your work starts to suffer and soon, your customers will notice as well.

When is it Time to Shift into a Leadership Mindset?

You’ve heard the phrase, “no time like the present,” used quite often, but here it applies quite literally. If you’re waiting to be “ready” then unfortunately, most people sabotage their own success story and never take action. 

It’s great to have benchmarks to measure success but remember, these benchmarks don’t define your success just as the income you make, doesn’t define your success. 

Once you understand what your goals are and where you want to see your business and lifestyle to be, it’s easier to define what success means to you. Everyone’s path is different, therefore the time it’s ready to switch into a self-leadership mindset is situational business to business. 

When you’re ready to scale your business, that’s the time to go full force ahead! Remember, it’s not a “get rich overnight” scheme but hard work that requires commitment. When you’re able to personally detach yourself from your business and are able to look from the outside in, you’re ready to take action. Remember to give yourself space, evaluate what’s around you and then make a decision that will help scale your business.

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