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How to Break Free from Restrictive Diets

Marketing & Mindset - how to break free from restrictive diets
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How to Break Free from Restrictive Diets

In this episode, Tracy Desjardins, a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Mind Body Eating Coach (IPE), Fitness Professional (ACE), and international best-selling author of The Diet-Free Diva, shares how to have peace with our bodies & free ourselves from restrictive diets.

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Tracy Desjardins is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), a Mind Body Eating Coach (IPE), a Fitness Professional (ACE) and the international best-selling author of The Diet-Free Diva. Tracy has evolved her multi-decade fitness career into coaching holistic wellness for women, specializing in emotional eating recovery and healing from the damage of dieting, restricting, binge eating and the associated confusion of this toxic cycle. In her book, The Diet-Free Diva, Tracy shares her own powerful story of growing up as an overweight child and offers her readers a 5-step plan for breaking free from the toxicity of dieting culture. Tracy outlines a trifecta of mind-body-spirit healing and helps women create their own unique Path of Excellence for achieving lasting, healing results, and reclaiming their power and purpose in their lives as their Best Diva Self.

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How to Break Free from Restrictive Diets

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Being a business owner is a busy lifestyle. And when it comes to business, we get so busy that we tend to overlook an important factor in our lives that can affect every part of our business: our physical health. Taking care of our bodies can be challenging – and if you’re like me – we end up trying all kinds of diets to “improve our health” that we miserably fail at. That’s why I invited, Tracy Desjardins, a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Mind Body Eating Coach (IPE), Fitness Professional (ACE), and international best-selling author of The Diet-Free Diva, to share some insight on how to achieve peace with our bodies and free ourselves from restrictive diets.

What is the Difference Between a Diet and a Restrictive Diet?

Deprivation insanity = trouble. This is a key concept when it comes to understanding diets. We live in a society where being “thin” relates to being successful. Contrary to what we believe, a diet is what we normally consume daily. On the other hand, restrictive diets are those where we follow someone else’s rules and regulations, stepping away from our intuition for the sole purpose of losing weight.

Restrictive diets, especially unreasonably restrictive ones, are often unsustainable. Most people wind up binging due to emotional stress, work stress, or because their body craves certain foods. Some people develop an emotional relationship with food, which in turn causes you to stray from the freedom and peace you need to balance your health. 

You don’t fail on a diet, but instead, the diet fails you. 

Instead of depriving yourself of things that you love on a restrictive diet, getting help or consulting with an certified expert for healthier alternatives is the first step towards freedom.

If Not a Restrictive Diet, Then How Do I Improve My Health?

Changing your intuition about food along with learning what works for your body are key ingredients for success. Restrictive diets always end with failure because they’re not sustainable. Understanding the mindset behind why your diet is the way it is, helps to gauge your intuition about your diet. For example, Vanessa grew up being taught to finish everything on her plate because growing up, the financial situations at home forced this type of behavior. While the reasoning behind it was positive, it encouraged an unhealthy relationship with food.

Consulting a dietician or a nutritionist helped Vanessa – as did many people on their journey to freedom and better health. Understanding how to balance your diet as per your body’s needs, what activities help your metabolism, and still enjoying a treat once in a while are vital points which will help you sustain a healthy relationship with food.

restrictive diets

Not All Restrictive Diets are Created Equal

Just as our physical characteristics differ person to person, our bodies and the way they process food differ as well. There are many restrictive diets out there, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Vegan, Low Carb, etc…but just because something worked for your best friend, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. 

It’s important to understand that each person’s body will react differently to a given restrictive diet. 

That being said, restrictive dieting isn’t evil. Why?

Certain health conditions, like PCOS or Diabetes, involve restrictive dieting – but that doesn’t mean you stop eating what you love. Since maintaining blood glucose levels is important with people coping with Diabetes, eating carbs that provide more fiber might be an approach to consider as opposed to eating the average plate of pasta. In these situations, your approach to planning your next meal might be different from your best friend’s, but you can still enjoy much of the same food. Everyone’s body is different so you should treat each diet differently.

How Can You Achieve Freedom from Restrictive Diets?

Having a great relationship with your food and diet is important to having a healthy life. The first thing you need to do is define your food story. Understand why you eat, what you eat and your relationship with food. Understanding the problem is the biggest step in rewiring your brain, which then will change your outlook on food.

Exercise and supplements are also vital in a healthy lifestyle. How much you exercise varies person to person, but walking is one of the best ways to exercise and to relax your mind. Eating nutritious foods that love you back is also a plus! Eat healthy and wholesome foods but remember, treating yourself is allowed!

Food is not meant to be seen as punishment. Break free from restrictive diets, enjoy your food, and live your healthiest life!

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