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Faith in Business

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Faith in Business

In this episode, Connie and I discuss a topic that business owners aren’t talking about…their faith. We talk about faith in business, what it means to have faith in your business, and how you can grow your faith and improve your relationship with God.

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Faith in Business

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Faith is an important aspect of life and business. Faith keeps us balanced and keeps our mindset on the right goals for our path to success. Vanessa is joined by Connie, who’s a Christian Mindset coach, to talk about faith in business.

What is Faith in Business?

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Faith in business can mean prioritizing. For example, Vanessa and Connie are Christian but while Connie’s business revolves around her faith as a Christian Mindset coach, Vanessa’s business focuses on Pinterest Marketing, but her faith is always a part of her mindset. While starting a business, it’s easy to prioritize your business, in growing it, and landing clients, and at times your faith gets pushed aside. 

On the other hand, Connie’s perspective of faith in business is, about her beliefs, her ethics, knowing the difference between right and wrong, maintaining humility, and serving the community. Connie takes the core beliefs of her relationship with God and implements them into each aspect of her business.

How Can You Incorporate Faith in Your Business?

One way to incorporate your faith into your business is to prioritize and spend time in God’s Word first, before starting your work for the day. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Trust your faith and ask God for guidance

Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” Perception plays an important role for someone in the service industry. Therefore, having the perception that what you are offering is the truth is vital in building trust between the business and clients. 

Faith is different from person to person but it’s important to remember God and ask for guidance. Faith cannot be measured, but it can be felt and strengthened.

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Be part of a community of people that share your faith

A community serves as a foundation of support for one another.

If one falls, someone is there to catch them and help them build back up. A community also provides accountability by keeping your mindset on track and preventing it from wavering. 

Being part of a community provides you with education as well as clues about the gifts you have as a human being. It helps you understand your calling in life. Have faith that God will place you where you need to be, to do His job through you.

Feed your Mind and Soul

If you have a few moments free, try to spend them feeding your soul and strengthening your faith. We get distracted and spend our time playing games, watching Netflix, etc…take some time out to solidify your relationship with God through music, listening to sermons, reading the Bible, etc.

Prayer and Faith are Powerful!

Prayer is the way you develop a relationship with God. Words can change a person’s thought process or influence them on a different path in life. Words have the strength to turn a bitter heart into one that’s more understanding of others. 

Embrace your faith openly. If you are hesitant in incorporating your faith in your daily actions, then take the time to pray for others, the people you are working for.


Tithing is the act of contributing a certain amount of money to a religious organization. 

It’s important to tithe because it’s how we thank God for all the successes we’ve achieved in life. It’s a way of showing trust in God that things will be ok with what you have left. 

how to incorporate faith in your business

Start small and work your way to an amount that is feasible for you. Transition your mindset from being in scarcity to being in abundance. 

Tithing can be time that you give to God. It doesn’t have to be financial. It can be a service where you help others.

Change your Mindset about Faith

Faith is a muscle. In order to build muscle, you need to take action and practice your faith. Change your views on obstacles that come your way and look at them as a chance to grow your faith. Look at them as an opportunity to trust God and know that in the end, everything will be ok.

The more you practice your faith, the more you trust God, and the easier things become in the future. Your worries disappear and the stress goes away. You’re able to focus on what’s important in life.

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