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Ending Negative Self-Talk

Marketing & Mindset Ending negative self talk
Marketing & Mindset
Ending Negative Self-Talk

In this episode, our very own Marketing & Mindset Cohost and amazing Christian Mindset Coach, Connie La Doc, shares tips on ending negative self-talk. This is a great and valuable topic so tune in and take notes!

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Ending Negative Self-Talk

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In this week’s episode, Connie shares great tips on ending negative self-talk. Negative self-talk is a very harmful thing that we do to ourselves unknowingly. Let’s dive in deeper and learn what it is and how to stop ourselves from doing it.

What is Negative Self-Talk?

how to stop negative self talk

Negative self-talk is an internal dialogue. It’s the way that you talk to yourself and limit your self-confidence. You might be doing this more than you realize. Think of the last dialogue you had with yourself regarding work or not reaching a goal that you had in mind. 

Think of negative self-talk as being your own worst critic. As Connie mentioned, by constantly doing this, you’re negatively affecting yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. You’re jeopardizing your future.

Self-talk is important! By doing this, you encourage new neural pathways to develop by stimulating your brain. Thinking and self-talk is vital in self-improvement as well as a great practice to use while scaling your business.

How to Stop Negative Self-Talk?

Think of yourself as a friend. It’s easier to uplift others as opposed to oneself. Why? We aren’t in the habit of hearing it. 

You need to be aware. Carry a notebook and write down what you say to yourself that’s not positive. Another thing you can note are things you say to yourself, that you wouldn’t say to your friends.

Your thoughts and feelings about yourself are not completely accurate. The way you view things is different from how others view them. Feelings that you express for certain things are not necessarily coming from a point of reality. For example, if you say you’re afraid of heights, it could be because you’re fearing what you’re going to feel at the top of a tall building. But when you go and do it, you’re not really afraid but are just worried about what you would feel at the top.

Give your inner voice a name. If you name your inner voice, you take away its power. It’s not real but was created by you, depending on what’s happening in your life. 

woman covering ears from negative self talk

Adjust your mindset. Try to shift from negative to neutral. 

Reason with yourself and try to understand the situation and try to remove the word “hate” from your vocabulary. Keep yourself open to a conversation not only with others but with yourself. Talk to yourself and limit the negativity. 

Use affirmations. If you think positively and envision yourself in a positive light, you’re bound to reach your goals. The most important affirmation is “I can do it.” Don’t limit yourself. 

Saying, “I love you,” to yourself fills the void that might exist due to the lack of love you might have felt in your life. Be your best friend.

How Does Negative Self-Talk Affect You?

Negative self-talk increases mental health problems, feelings of helplessness, self-doubt, and much more including depression and high levels of stress. Therefore, you start focusing on the negative and stop seeing “the bigger picture.”

This type of mindset triggers perfectionism to an extreme. Unless things are exactly as you feel, it’s not good enough. This can also lead to problems with relationships. People begin to view you as a negative person.

The word “hate” is a very negative word in many cultures and even more so for the mind. Try to change your mindset from negative to neutral (if not to positive immediately) by not using the word “hate.” 

A shift in perspective and mindset can put you on a path to success. It’ll take time and work but you will reach your goals.
how to get rid of negative self talk

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