marketing and mindset podcast episode decision making tips and overcoming fear with shalini gadhia

Decision Making Tips & Overcoming Fear in Business

Marketing & Mindset podcast episode Decision making tips and overcoming fear
Marketing & Mindset
Decision Making Tips & Overcoming Fear in Business

In this episode, Shalini Gadhia shares excellent tips for decision-making and overcoming fear in business. Listen to her advice and perspective on how fear is related to decision-making. Tune in and take notes! It’s a good one!

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Decision Making Tips & Overcoming Your Fear in Business

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Shalini Gadhia is a success enabler, helping people transition from where they are to where they want to be. She teaches people how to permanently change their mindset to reach their goals, and break through any barriers to get there. She shares decision-making tips to overcome indecision or fear in business.

What’s Decision Making?

decision making tips

Not everyone considers themselves to be a decision maker and that’s ok. We’re not taught how to make decisions at a young age because our parents made them for us, but if you want to succeed in your goals, that mindset needs to change. 

It’s important to know your goals, make a decision and commit to it. More often than not, we make decisions based on our current situations and that will always change. This is the reason why we don’t succeed. Change your plan but not the decision.

Tips on Making the Right Decisions

The first decision making tip is to make decisions based on intuition as opposed to logic because your logic is based on current circumstances. In the first 30 seconds, if you feel a certain way about something, there’s almost a 100% chance that it’s the right decision for you. But if you ruminate about it, you’ll overthink it, use logic, and create excuses that will push you away from your initial decision.

If you’re excited about the decision you’ve made and constantly thinking about getting started, you know you’re on the right path. 

When you’ve chosen your goal and made a committed decision to take action, write it down on a piece of paper and engage with it daily. Think about it and plan for it, and emotionally get involved with that decision. This is called getting onto the frequency of your goals. This will attract every resource you’ll need to move towards that goal. 

According to Shalini, “Successful people make up their minds quickly, but change them very slowly.”

Planning to move ahead

Although emotionally engaging with your goal and decision will attract the right resources to move toward success, that doesn’t replace your hard work. Another decision making tip is to break your day into 1-hour blocks, and make small committed decisions and steps towards accomplishing a daily goal. 

Make a list of things that you want to get done each day. Make them actionable goals and check off the ones you get accomplished. Note that even though you might not have completed them all, you’re still that much closer to success.

How Fear Affects Decision Making

Fear doesn’t impede decision-making at all. On the contrary, the lack of making a decision, or over-thinking, leads to fear.

Indecision leads to procrastination. Procrastination then leads to doubt. The combination of procrastination and doubt creates fear.

What is Fear?

Fear doesn’t really exist as we know it. To further explain, Shalini asks us to imagine this:

Your current ideas or goals are categorized as X. Let’s say publishing a book is your X. As you set out thinking about publishing your book, you make the decision, or you start getting emotionally engaged with the idea of publishing that book this year. This new idea is called Y. The more emotionally engaged you become with Y, both X and Y begin to mix. Going from a place of comfort where X was just about publishing your book “one day,” to now toying with a new idea Y, set off a chain of reactions which then manifest physically and emotionally. Confusion becomes worry which leads to fear and anxiety.

decision making tips woman thinking

This is where many people begin to create excuses, becoming an impediment to themselves, in their path to success.

Just Act on it!

The best decision making tip is to just do it! Earlier when categorizing ideas into X and Y we spoke about how Y was the newer idea. You’ve engaged with it, thought about it, and now just do it. Instead of having both ideas mix for a XY anxiety and fear bubble, just act on Y and you’ll realize the fear is now gone.

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