changing behavioral patterns podcast episode marketing and mindset podcast

Changing Behavioral Patterns

changing behavioral patterns episode marketing and mindset podcast
Marketing & Mindset
Changing Behavioral Patterns

In this episode, Mindset Rewiring Expert, Irina Krasko, shares tips on changing old behavioral patterns that affect your business! These growth mindset tips can make a massive difference in the success of your business so tune in and take notes.

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Changing Behavioral Patterns

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Mindset Rewiring Expert, Irina Krasko shares tips on how changing old behavior patterns can affect your business. Most of our behavioral patterns are formed as children. Specific practices are enforced through habits and as a result of certain situations. 

How Are We Programmed?

changing behavioral patterns

Until the age of 7, our brain is like a sponge where we absorb everything we see. Certain events influence our habits and how they are formed. As we get older, the responses we give to certain situations turn into habits as well. These behavioral patterns are not just a part of development but also situational. 

These behavioral patterns affect our marketing mindset in many ways. 

For example, although we’re prepared for a business meeting, our mindset can influence the way we take decisions. Being indecisive or forgetting how to approach a certain situation can be the result of our brain trying to protect ourselves from failure or a negative situation. 

On the other hand, trying to be perfect or expecting things to be perfect in every business matter is another way our behavioral patterns affect our business. By thinking in this way, we hinder our progression either by waiting for the “perfect moment” to come along or by wasting our time on trivial matters instead of focusing on the bigger picture. 

What Should You Ask Yourself When Thinking About Your Behavioral Patterns?

Are you fearing success or failure? Or are you afraid of what you’re going to feel when you succeed or fail?

Who’s the voice that you hear in your head as the critique when you’re working?

It’s important to keep in mind that you need to let yourself go through your feelings and not stop yourself from feeling the ups and downs of your behavioral patterns. Think about the other times you might have felt the same way. 

Where are you being too critical of yourself? Are you comparing yourself to others?

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How to Change Your Behavioral Patterns for the Better

Reprogramming your behavior is a great way to create change and it can be done almost instantaneously. You can reshuffle your memories by thinking of situations in the past where you felt the way you do, and try to get to the root of it. Why did you feel that way? The first time you remember a situation from the past, that’s when it’s the most accurate. But every time after that, it changes. 

You can intentionally change your memories to positively affect the way you conduct your business. 

For example, children don’t understand the concept of time at a young age. A negative childhood memory may have felt like something lasted hours but may have only lasted seconds. Thinking about those memories as an adult gives you a better perspective. Therefore, you have the power to change how you perceive your memories and change them to influence you more positively. You can change your perspective about a certain memory because, remember, memories are more about our feelings as opposed to a fact from our past.


Ask those close to you how they feel when you behave in a certain way. This is a great way to gauge not only how you can improve your behavioral patterns – but a great way to improve your relationships with those around you. 

Meditating or introspecting can also be vital in creating a change in your behavior. Think about why you feel a certain way and look for trends. Who were you with when you noticed those behavioral patterns? Were you eating or drinking something? Certain behaviors are triggered by certain things. Getting to the root of those can help you realize the changes you need to make to improve yourself and your business.  

Behavioral patterns are influenced by our feelings and memories. Memories are about how we felt as opposed to facts from our past. Changing our perspectives about our memories can create positive outcomes which we can apply to our businesses and help them grow. 

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