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Blogging for Business

marketing and mindset podcast episode blogging for business
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Blogging for Business

In this episode, Pinterest Marketing Expert and Content Creator, Vanessa Cooper talks about blogging for business. Tune in to the last episode recorded on Clubhouse where you’ll learn about why your business needs a blog and how blogging for business can help it grow! Tune in and take notes.

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Blogging for Business

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Vanessa Cooper, an expert Pinterest Marketer, and Content Creator shares some amazing tips on blogging for business and how having a blog can support building your business. As a Pinterest Marketing Expert, Vanessa encourages business owners to start a blog because Pinterest loves blogs!  Having social media accounts is great but blogs provide fresh content instead of having a static website with your services.

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Why You Should Be Blogging for Business

Google loves blogs! Blogging isn’t dead! This is one of the most important ways to get your business out there. As you create content about your business or your niche, Google will pick up on it and you will begin to appear in SERPs (or search engine results pages). This establishes your authority in your niche.

Providing knowledge and value adds to your authority in your niche and therefore encourages people to come to you to solve a problem or answer a question. This will lead to more traffic on your site which then will lead to more customers or clients.

Having a Blog For Your Business Builds Trust!

Being on the internet, it’s difficult to trust what you see. A blog is a great way to build trust by connecting to people directly. You can have a conversation with your audience by way of comments on your content. It takes time but in time you build connections with your audience and this builds trust!

Blogs are a key way to give “life” to your business. You go from being a website to a person that owns a business. People are more inclined to connect and trust you, knowing that there is a way to connect to you.

Be an Authority in Your Niche by Blogging for Business

As you produce content for your niche and provide value through your blog posts, Google will take notice. Google will eventually start to rank your site. The more content you produce, the longer people spend on your site– Google will keep ranking your page. You become the expert in your niche that people go to! You get ranked not only for your audience but for Google as well. This will make you the authority in your niche. Google will send you loads of organic traffic!

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Blogging for Business Helps You Sell Your Services

Blogging for your business is a great way to market your services without being pushy or sounding like a used car salesman. 

Once people have formed a connection with your business, through your blog, their mindset changes toward what you’re trying to sell! People are always more likely to purchase something from someone they know as opposed to a total stranger. Think of the days when people went door to door selling you something. People don’t like being given a sales pitch. 

If your target audience is already going to a place where they get value and information that helps them solve a problem or answer a question–they’re more likely to purchase from there as well. So if your blog posts provide value and attract traffic, your sales are more likely to increase as well!

why your business needs a blog

Monetization is a Must! Blogging for Business is Passive Income!

Blogging for your site not only increases your reach with your audience, but it also acts as passive income. Blogs can be monetized through affiliate marketing. You can make recommendations by promoting products you like and earn a commission. Another way you can monetize your blog is by renting space for ads, just like how people rent out real estate to other businesses. 

You can also write sponsored posts. Companies will partner with bloggers to promote a product or their services by creating content on your blog, the same way YouTubers do on their channels.

At the end of the day, think about blogging as a great way to supplement your business. Think about what your audience is looking for and think about ways to create posts that appeal to them.

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Sonal Gadkar is a freelance writer for hire, based out of Long Island, New York. She writes long and short-form blog posts, provides content for social media (specifically for Instagram) and more! Need a writer? She’s your gal!

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