The Customer's Progress - Marketing & Mindset Podcast Episode on YouTube

The Customer’s Progress

In this episode, Customer-Centric Operations Expert, Zac Stucki talks about the customer’s progress and how it affects profitability. Understanding your customer’s progress is key in maintaining and scaling your business so tune in and take notes!

The Perfectionism Trap: How to Overcome Perfectionism

In this episode, Project Management Consultant, Nadia Streeter shares tips on overcoming perfectionism and improving productivity. Tune in and take notes to improve your own productivity and avoid “The Perfectionism Trap.”

blogging for business podcast episode marketing and mindset podcast

Blogging for Business

In this episode, Pinterest Marketing Expert and Content Creator, Vanessa Cooper talks about blogging for business. Tune in to the last episode recorded on Clubhouse where you’ll learn about why your business needs a blog and how blogging for business can help it grow! Tune in and take notes.

how to start a podcast marketing and mindset podcast episode with mahruk

How to Start a Podcast

In this episode, Podcast Coach, Mahruk Imtiaz shares tips on how to start a podcast. If you’ve ever wondered if a podcast would benefit your business, wanted to learn steps on getting started, or how to overcome the fear of starting a podcast, you’ll want to tune into this episode!

changing behavioral patterns podcast episode marketing and mindset podcast

Changing Behavioral Patterns

In this episode, Mindset Rewiring Expert, Irina Krasko, shares tips on changing old behavioral patterns that affect your business! These growth mindset tips can make a massive difference in the success of your business so tune in and take notes.

ending negative self talk marketing and mindset podcast episode

Ending Negative Self-Talk

In this episode, our very own Marketing & Mindset Cohost and amazing Christian Mindset Coach, Connie La Doc, shares tips on ending negative self-talk. This is a great and valuable topic so tune in and take notes!

how to have a leadership mindeset podcast episode for marketing and mindset podcast

How to Have a Leadership Mindset

In this episode, the Fancy Nomad, Renee La Tour shares tips on how to have a leadership mindset. She helps solopreneurs who are trapped and burnt out find freedom and reach their goals. Tune in to this great episode!

Marketing and Mindset Podcast Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips

In this episode, we had Co-founder & CEO of Business Video School, Nick Niehaus, sharing video marketing tips! You’ll want to tune into this episode to get tips on growing your business with video marketing, video marketing mindset tips, video marketing techniques, and more!

Pinterest SEO Pinterest Keyword Research Tips Marketing & Mindset Podcast

Pinterest SEO (Pinterest Keyword Research Tips)

In this episode, Pinterest Marketing Expert & Content Creator, Vanessa Cooper shares tip on Pinterest SEO, optimizing your Pinterest profile with keywords, and shared Pinterest keyword research tips.

mental health and disability marketing and mindset podcast episode featured image

Mental Health & Disability

In this episode, Deaf Queen Boss, Kellina Powell, shares mental health tips for people with disabilities. Listen to Kellina’s story of how she started her business and helps others with disabilities with their mental health.

financial tips for tax season episode for marketing and mindset podcast

Financial Tips for Tax Season

In this episode, we had the Sidekick Accountant, Megan Schwan, giving us tax preparation and financial tips for tax season! This time of year can be confusing and/or stressful for business owners! Megan gives useful and practical advice to help you stay organized and prepared for tax season.

instagram marketing tips for business owners podcast episode marketing and mindset podcast

Instagram Marketing Tips for Business Owners

In this episode, Connie La Doc talks about Instagram and sharing Instagram marketing tips for business owners. If you want to grow your business on Instagram, you will want to listen to this episode and take some notes!

marketing and mindset podcast episode decision making tips and overcoming fear with shalini gadhia

Decision Making Tips & Overcoming Fear in Business

In this episode, Shalini Gadhia shares excellent tips for decision-making and overcoming fear in business. Listen to her advice and perspective on how fear is related to decision-making. Tune in and take notes! It’s a good one!

faith in business marketing and mindset podcast episode

Faith in Business

In this episode, Connie and I discuss a topic that business owners aren’t talking about…their faith. We talk about faith in business, what it means to have faith in your business, and how you can grow your faith and improve your relationship with God.

promoting products online the right way

Promoting Products the Right Way

In this episode, we had Co-Founder & CEO of MASAMI, Lynn Power teaching us how to successfully sell products online! Get marketing tips and learn from someone who successfully built a product-based business from the ground up! You don’t want to miss this episode!

how to get paid to speak

How to Get Paid to Speak

In this episode, you’ll learn how to get paid to speak. We had Coach Jenn Espinosa-Goswami sharing tips on growing your business through public speaking! Connie and I learned A LOT from Jenn on a topic that we haven’t ever talked about and nobody is really talking about! Tune in and learn how you can grow your business through public speaking.

Your Clear Value

In this episode, we invited Business Growth Strategist, Krista Martin, to share tips on finding your clear value for your business and growth. She shares amazing information that can really help you send a clear message to your audience, attract your ideal clients, and succeed.

Cultivating Confidence

In this episode, we have Calliope Sherrer back to share tips on cultivating confidence! If you feel insecurities that you think are holding you back, you need to tune in and take notes to this episode that really will help you stop the negative self-talk and really boost your confidence!

Healing Your Past for Success

Join us in an amazing conversation with Self Belief Counselor, Vanja Beric, sharing tips on how to heal your past to be successful!!! This is an amazing episode with lots of insight that can really help you get past things holding you back. Tune in and take notes!

Mindset Blocks with The Mind Engineer

This is a very special episode where we learn about mindset blocks found deep in your subconscious from Tommy Walker, the Mind Engineer. Tommy shares amazing information about how some very important mindset blocks we need to identify and address in order to succeed. Tune in and take notes! This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Creating Time Freedom in Your Biz

In this episode, we have Online Strategist & Business Coach, Kate Smith, teaching us how to have time freedom in our biz! Tune in and take notes to learn the steps you need to take to really create valuable time to your life and not let your business take over!

How to Change Your Mindset

In this episode, I talk mindset with Fitness, Lifestyle, and Weightloss Coach, Jackie Dragone, who shares tips on how to change your mindset. Learn how to know if your mindset needs to be changed and what to do in order to change it so that you can succeed. tune in and take notes!

LLCs – All You Need to Know

This is a special episode you don’t want to miss! I asked my tax lady to come on the show and educate us on LLCs! Join Connie and me as we learn from Enrolled Agent and Tax Expert, Nicole Brousseau, about LLCs. Tune in and take notes to learn if your business needs to become an LLC and what your other options are!

Landing Clients for Service-Based Businesses

Tune in to this amazing episode where Connie and I give service-based business owners tips on landing clients. Here’s a sneak peek at my Magical Marketing Coaching! I give you some freebies in this episode that are GOLD. Take notes, and start landing those clients!

Managing Home and Business with Sanity

In this episode, we have Wellness Consultant, Aunjane Johnson, sharing tips on managing home and business with sanity! This is an excellent episode you don’t want to miss filled with wholesome content for anyone trying to balance work and home life.

Efficient Content Creation

Tune in and take notes to listen to Brand & Marketing Guru, Katya Valik, sharing content creation tips for efficiency! This episode is full of goodies you don’t want to miss.

Creating an Amazing Customer Experience

In this episode, Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer, Calliope Scherrer, shares tips on creating an amazing customer experience! This is an awesome episode filled with lots of gold nuggets for your business.

Niching Down Tips for Businesses

In this episode, we have the Success Savvy Mom, Jennifer Veyre, sharing tips on niching down. Learn the when, the why, and the how in this episode filled with niching down tips for businesses.

Guest Posting for Business Growth

We asked Sana Choudary, Guest Posting Strategic and Serial Entrepreneur, to return and speak with us about a topic that is a game changer for marketing your business but is completely underrated or completely misunderstood. She is talking to us about guest posting for business growth.

Gratitude for Success

Join us for a special conversation where we talk about gratitude with Student Coach, Kim Griffith. She shared how you can improve your feeling of gratitude on a daily basis to improve your life and achieve success.

Increasing Focus for Success

This week, we had Hypnotherapist and Mental Wellness Coach, Jodie Solberg, sharing tips on increasing focus for success. If you know me, you know that I really need help staying focused! Connie and I get lots of excellent advice in this episode. Tune in and take notes!

Email List Building Tips

Join Connie and me to hear tips on email list building from Guest Posting Strategic and Serial Entrepreneur, Sana Choudary. She shares excellent tips on email list building and why it’s absolutely a must in your business. You’re going to want to take notes.

Marketing Through Human Design

This week, we are talking Human Design! This is a new topic that we haven’t talked about before. We had Intuitive Somatic Business Strategic Guide, Lia Moore, talking all about marketing through human design. This is a juicy episode that will teach you a lot! Tune in!

Time Management “Relationship with Time”

Do you struggle with time management? This week, we have Time Strategist, Jaimee Campanella, sharing time management tips that make a difference! She is talking all about having a relationship with time. You definitely want to take notes during this episode!

TikTok Marketing for Newbies

Tune in to get TikTok marketing tips for newbies this week with special guest and Social Media Wizard, Alyssa Sagum. Listen to her amazing TikTok marketing tips and take notes! You’ll know WAY MORE about growing your business on TikTok after this episode 😉

Pinterest 101: Pinterest for Newbies

This week, I am the guest speaker! Listen to Pinterest tips from a Pinterest Marketing Expert & Content Creator. Get some Pinterest tips for newbies so you can start getting the massive traffic and sales that is the power of Pinterest.

Mindset Matters in Business!

This week, we did something different! We decided to not have a guest speaker and let Christian Mindset Coach, Connie @CLTLaDoc, be the guest speaker! Join us to hear Connie share mindset tips for business growth. This is a great mindset episode you don’t want to miss!

Social Media Management

Listen to Connie and me as we talk about social media management! Plus get amazing tips from HelloWoofy CEO, Arjun Rai! He gives great insight into social media management and shared the perfect tool to be effective and efficient!

LinkedIn Marketing

Join us as we learn about LinkedIn Marketing with, Organic Growth Specialist and Social Media Marketing Trends Club Owner, Josie Eacho! She shares amazing LinkedIn marketing tips!!! This is an episode you definitely want to take notes on!

Why Coaches Struggle with Their Business

Join Connie and me as we talk to Energy Healer and Business Coach, Nina Maglic, as she talks about why coaches struggle with their business and gives amazing tips to help anyone during their struggle! Tune in and take notes!

Imposter Syndrome

We’ve got Imposter Syndrome Expert and Breakthrough Coach, Nando Rodriguez, here to teach us all about Imposter Syndrome! He is also sharing tips on how to avoid it!

Mom Boss Overwhelm Prevention

I invited Cori Maag of This Maagnificent Life to talk about mom boss overwhelm prevention! This is a great episode to give you practical tips on preventing that feeling of overwhelm that can be debilitating and stressful. Tune in and take notes!

Content Marketing Tips

Listen to me share a TON of content marketing tips, Pinterest tips, and attraction marketing tips for a solid 15 minutes. Then get tons of content marketing value from our guest speaker and Brand Strategist, Arthur May, who share super valuable content marketing gold!

Google My Business

Connie and I are talking Google My Business today! We have Google My Business Expert, Amanda Tento, sharing tips on Google My Business.

Nurturing Your Network

Get marketing and mindset tips with our special guest Caprice Crebar, Certified Health Coach, who’s talking all about nurturing your network!