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Listen to Vanessa Cooper and Concepcion L. Tuma on the Marketing & Mindset Podcast – where they share marketing or mindset tips to help your business grow! We welcome special guest speakers that speak on a wide variety of topics, such as social media marketing, time management, growth mindset, digital advertising, SEO, video marketing, confidence building, financial tips, productivity, content creation, health and wellness, and any other topic that can help your body, mind, and spirit grow so that your business thrives!

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Marketing & Mindset - how to break free from restrictive diets
Marketing & Mindset
How to Break Free from Restrictive Diets

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How to Break Free from Restrictive Diets

In this episode, Tracy Desjardins, a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Mind Body Eating Coach (IPE), Fitness Professional (ACE), and international best-selling author of The Diet-Free Diva, shares how to have peace with our bodies & free ourselves from restrictive diets.

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How to Become a 7-Figure Earner

In this episode, Entrepreneur & Business Coach, Isaiah Colton shares amazing value and tips on becoming a 7-figure earner in your business. Ready to step up to the next level? Tune in and take notes!

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The Benefits of a Financial Mindset

In this episode, Tax & Wealth Strategist, Justin Maxwell talks about the benefits of having a financial mindset. Learn why you should shift your mindset and take steps towards financial freedom. Tune in and take notes!

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Landing Clients with Proper Branding

In this episode, Brand Strategist & Web Designer, Kayla Nias shares tips on how to land clients with proper branding. Learn more about what branding means for your business, whether you should have branding in your business, and more!

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How to Market Yourself by Publishing a Book

In this episode, Book Publisher & Founder of “Brand For Speakers,” Lily Patrascu teaches how to market yourself by publishing a book. I learned so much in this episode and know you will too! Tune in to this valuable episode to boost your business!

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Why Mental Health Matters in Business

In this episode, Mia Zambarano, an award-winning, licensed mental health therapist teaches us why mental health matters in business. Learn the difference between mental health and mindset plus how they affect each other and your success. This is another great episode to tune into and take notes.

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How Self-Presentation Affects Your Business

In this episode, Personal Stylist And Self-Presentation + Body Language Coach, Katherine Suzette shares tips on self-image and how self-presentation affects your business. As always, tune in and take notes!

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How Your Niche Needs You

In this episode, Wedding Photographer, Jen Sulak shares amazing business niche tips and teaches us a very important lesson on how your niche needs you. Tune in to this colorful episode on being authentically you as you discover your niche!

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The Customer's Progress

In this episode, Customer-Centric Operations Expert, Zac Stucki talks about the customer’s progress and how it affects profitability. Understanding your customer’s progress is key in maintaining and scaling your business so tune in and take notes!

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The Perfectionism Trap: How to Overcome Perfectionism

In this episode, Project Management Consultant, Nadia Streeter shares tips on overcoming perfectionism and improving productivity. Tune in and take notes to improve your own productivity and avoid “The Perfectionism Trap.”

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Blogging for Business

In this episode, Pinterest Marketing Expert and Content Creator, Vanessa Cooper talks about blogging for business. Tune in to the last episode recorded on Clubhouse where you'll learn about why your business needs a blog and how blogging for business can help it grow! Tune in and take notes.

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How to Start a Podcast

In this episode, Podcast Coach, Mahruk Imtiaz shares tips on how to start a podcast. If you've ever wondered if a podcast would benefit your business, wanted to learn steps on getting started, or how to overcome the fear of starting a podcast, you'll want to tune into this episode!

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Changing Behavioral Patterns

In this episode, Mindset Rewiring Expert, Irina Krasko, shares tips on changing old behavioral patterns that affect your business! These growth mindset tips can make a massive difference in the success of your business so tune in and take notes.

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Ending Negative Self-Talk

In this episode, our very own Marketing & Mindset Cohost and amazing Christian Mindset Coach, Connie La Doc, shares tips on ending negative self-talk. This is a great and valuable topic so tune in and take notes!

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How to Have a Leadership Mindset

In this episode, the Fancy Nomad, Renee La Tour shares tips on how to have a leadership mindset. She helps solopreneurs who are trapped and burnt out find freedom and reach their goals. Tune in to this great episode!

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Video Marketing Tips

In this episode, we had Co-founder & CEO of Business Video School, Nick Niehaus, sharing video marketing tips! You'll want to tune into this episode to get tips on growing your business with video marketing, video marketing mindset tips, video marketing techniques, and more!

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Pinterest SEO (Pinterest Keyword Research Tips)

In this episode, Pinterest Marketing Expert & Content Creator, Vanessa Cooper shares tip on Pinterest SEO, optimizing your Pinterest profile with keywords, and shared Pinterest keyword research tips.

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Mental Health & Disability

In this episode, Deaf Queen Boss, Kellina Powell, shares mental health tips for people with disabilities. Listen to Kellina's story of how she started her business and helps others with disabilities with their mental health.

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Financial Tips for Tax Season

In this episode, we had the Sidekick Accountant, Megan Schwan, giving us tax preparation and financial tips for tax season! This time of year can be confusing and/or stressful for business owners! Megan gives useful and practical advice to help you stay organized and prepared for tax season.

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Instagram Marketing Tips for Business Owners

In this episode, Connie La Doc talks about Instagram and sharing Instagram marketing tips for business owners. If you want to grow your business on Instagram, you will want to listen to this episode and take some notes!

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Decision Making Tips & Overcoming Fear in Business

In this episode, Shalini Gadhia shares excellent tips for decision-making and overcoming fear in business. Listen to her advice and perspective on how fear is related to decision-making. Tune in and take notes! It's a good one!

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Faith in Business

In this episode, Connie and I discuss a topic that business owners aren't talking about...their faith. We talk about faith in business, what it means to have faith in your business, and how you can grow your faith and improve your relationship with God.

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Taking Messy Action & Relationship Marketing

Listen to Relationship Marketer and Copywriter, Kelly Harris, talk about taking messy action and relationship marketing!

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What You're Worth: Understanding & Defining Your Worth

In this episode, we had Certified Business & Life Coach, Andrea Liebross, teaching us about understanding and defining what you’re worth!

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Promoting Products the Right Way

In this episode, we had Co-Founder & CEO of MASAMI, Lynn Power teaching us how to successfully sell products online! Get marketing tips and learn from someone who successfully built a product-based business from the ground up! You don't want to miss this episode!

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