why you need pinterest for business in 2023

Why you need Pinterest for business in 2023

Why You Need Pinterest for Business in 2023

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why your business should be on Pinterest

Why do you need Pinterest for business? It blow my mind that people still ask me this question. It’s the most underestimated and underutilized platform that a lot of business owners are missing out on!

Well, if you want to grow your business then you need to be on Pinterest. Period. 

A lot of people view Pinterest as a social media site where moms go to plan birthday parties, weddings, get recipes, and find their next Pinterest fail (we’ve all had one of those, am I right?). 

Honestly, though – Pinterest is much more than that.

Pinterest has become a powerhouse for traffic – and your business needs to positively and absolutely be on Pinterest. 

So I’m going to go over some reasons why you need Pinterest for business in 2023. And why Pinterest will become one of the most important things that you do to help your business thrive this year. 

#1 Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine

Pinterest is one of the largest search engines in the world – and it is a visual search engine. If Google and Instagram had a baby…that baby would be Pinterest. Which is the first reason you seriously need Pinterest for your business.

If you’re already posting on social media, and you’ve already got blog content that is accessible on Google – why wouldn’t you use the most amazing visual search engine to grow your business?

Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense to not have your business on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the business move you need to really take it to the next level. 

People don’t just go on Pinterest to plan their family dinners or birthday parties – people are going on Pinterest now to find solutions to their problems.

And your company’s service or product might be the next solution that they find. 

Pinterest users are searching, planning, and getting inspired. Your business can be the solution that somebody will find – so make yourself accessible to the people on Pinterest that are searching for YOU.

Pinterest for business

#2 Pinterest Pins Stay Relevant

You need to use Pinterest for business simply to stay relevant longer than a couple of days.

Unlike social media, Pinterest pin posts stay relevant. 

When you post on social media, those posts are only relevant for a short time before they’re no longer being engaged with and nobody’s paying attention to them – so all those amazing graphics and awesome videos you created are rapidly no longer relevant nor bringing you any traffic.

However, Pinterest is a whole different world.

While all your other social media content lasts between 20 minutes to 48 hours tops, your Pinterest pins, can last up to a year and still be relevant, still get engaged with, and still send users to your company’s website. 

The life span of a Pinterest pin wins among the rest of the social media platforms when it comes to how long your content stays relevant. #pinterestwin

You can devote time to creating high-quality pins and know that they will be relevant for way longer than all of your other social media posts. Thank you, Pinterest – because nothing sucks worse than devoting time to a video that a few people saw and then loses its relevance almost immediately. What a waste, right?

#3 Pinterest Traffic is Immediate

When you start a social media account, you need to build your following and post a lot before you really start capturing people’s attention to generate website traffic.

When you post a blog post, it takes a while for Google to rank your post. You need to have killer SEO, start getting engagement, and build authority before Google really starts bringing traffic to your website. 

But Pinterest is different (of course).

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how many pins you’ve pinned – the moment you send out your first pin, it is placed inside Pinterest’s feed – in front of an audience that starts to see your content. And it isn’t random people seeing it. It is people who have specifically searched for your content that are already interested in what you have to offer.

You don’t just immediately start getting traffic, but it is targeted traffic…for FREE!

And as the pin ages and Pinterest starts to see how it is engaged with, saved ,and clicked – the traffic generated from that pin only gets BETTER.

You honestly can’t ask for anything better than immediate website traffic for your business – making it another strong reason why you need to use Pinterest for business.

#4 You Don’t Need to Create New Content


Like all those reasons weren’t enough – you should just use Pinterest for business because you don’t have to create brand new posts or brand new content in order to create pins for Pinterest. 

All you need is to repurpose the content that you have – whether it’s videos or graphics, you can use the content you’re already using on all your social media platforms to create Pinterest pins and start generating that amazing traffic. 

Pinterest not only gives you the option of static pins – but also video pins, carousel pins, and story pins. Share your business through all the different Pinterest mediums, and get your company seen. 

You’ve got the blog content. You’ve got the social media images. There is no excuse to not use Pinterest for business.

4 reasons to use Pinterest for business

Why You Need Pinterest for Business in 2023

Ending Notes...

If you’re not already convinced that you need to use Pinterest for business, then there’s not much more that I can really say to convince you – and you must be insane. 

Pinterest is not just a visual search engine, but one of the largest search engines in the world – which puts your content in front of an audience in a different way. They can see what you have to offer versus just reading what you have to offer. It isn’t like searching for solutions on Google – Pinterest shows the solution to them in images or videos.

Not just that, but they’re searching for what you have to offer – when they see your pin, that’s what they were already looking for. 

So it is practically targeted traffic – and whatever you pin on Pinterest stays relevant for a long time – so you know that you’re not even remotely wasting your time on your Pinterest pins because they can still generate traffic for you an entire year after you send it out into the Pinterest world. 

So…quit making excuses! 

Start repurposing that social media content, start creating amazing pins, and start using Pinterest for business today – so you can start generating a buttload of traffic to your website.

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. And if you’re not sure how to even start creating Pinterest pins, check out my free Proper Pin Guide below – where I show you how to make viral-worthy pins. #yourewelcome

Proper Pin Guide on blog post about branded pinterest pins and seasonal content on Pinterest

If you'd rather listen to me talking about this, feel free to check out the video below!

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This training will take your business to the next level with a powerful Pinterest strategy and everything you need to know about Pinterest in 2023.


Comments? Questions? Ask them below! I will answer as soon as I can 🙂

Proper Pin Guide on blog post about branded pinterest pins and seasonal content on Pinterest

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