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Effective Marketing Techniques for Senior Business Owners

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effective marketing technique for senior business owners

I am so excited to have a guest writer share effective marketing techniques for senior business owners. I have been in online marketing since 2013, and what I’ve seen more and more is that people of ALL AGES are using the online world to grow their business. With the world plugged into social media platforms and, frankly, their phones – marketing your business online is crucial. 

It’s extremely important to meet your audience where they are at. 

I’m a millennial on the older side of scale who was introduced to the internet at a young age – but wasn’t introduced to Facebook and other social media platforms until I was an adult. And I’ve had to learn a lot when it comes to online marketing. I can’t even imagine how much learning and adaptation has been required for the older generations that are trying to grow their business online. Or as Vince Vaughn once said in The Internship, “On the line.” 😂

Regardless of how internet savvy you are, we are going to share some marketing tips that can help senior-owned businesses thrive. And these tips can help you no matter your age! I have guest writer, Lance Cody-Valdez, sharing effective marketing techniques for senior business owners. Let’s read what he has to say… 

Effective Marketing Techniques for Senior Business Owners

As a senior, you have certain goals, particularly when you’re in retirement. To make the most of your business and enhance your retirement revenue, implement effective marketing strategies, such as using the web or regularly analyzing your plan’s effectiveness. 

Have a Website

As of 2021, there were 4,208,571, 287 internet users worldwide, with 61% of users using the web to learn about products. You miss out on growth opportunities if you don’t have an internet presence. 

Create a website that loads quickly, looks professional, and covers what your business does and offers. Hiring a professional to handle this can alleviate some stress and save you time.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Incorporate social media into your marketing. Consider hiring help for this, since you have enough on your plate already. When you hire a social media manager to post regularly, you can attract new customers and engage current ones. Find out how Network Nessi can help.

Keep in mind that 4.48 billion people around the world use social media. Therefore, you can benefit from a social media page, even if you have a business that provides local services or products only. 

effective marketing techniques for senior business owners blog post

Consider Furthering Your Education

Enhance your business skills by returning to school and earning an MBA. You may become a more astute businessperson if you further your knowledge in a particular area of business, such as finance, marketing, or human capital management, all of which are available as master’s degree programs. You can find these programs online, which allow you to take care of your company, family, and other obligations while attending school. You may even have some time to enjoy your life as a senior. 

Assess Your Marketing Routinely

Due to changing times, the plan that worked for your business two years ago may not be practical anymore. In fact, the economic climate is forever changing, and you must evaluate your market and adapt as necessary, hopefully before you see a tremendous decrease in profit. 

As a general rule, make an assessment regularly but especially if you notice a continual decrease in profit. If you feel your current plan is ineffective, research and make changes. Consider implementing multiple marketing methods to reach a variety of people.  

marketing tips for senior business owners

Look for Cost-Efficient Solutions

As you’re approaching retirement, your goal is to increase revenue. But with running a business comes the need to invest in yourself. Look for ways to save on your expenses. One way to accomplish this is to use free or low-cost tools for marketing. For instance, you can use a PDF merging tool to store all your documents in one place. Fortunately, these tools are highly customizable, so you can move pages easily to ensure you find the documents you need quickly. 

Don't Forget Local Marketing Techniques

With heavy reliance on the internet, local marketing is often forgotten. However, even if you offer services or products throughout the nation or world, local individuals may be interested in what you supply. Therefore, consider using word-of-mouth marketing, placing print ads, or posting flyers.  

Increase Success When Running a Senior-Owned Business

Your senior-owned business can thrive when you use the internet to your advantage, further your skills, and utilize cost-friendly solutions. Remember to monitor your marketing strategy and make changes as necessary to remain competitive.

About the Author

A few years ago, burned out and miserable from his job in corporate marketing, Lance Cody-Valdez decided it was time to invest in himself. He quit his job the following day and used his meager savings to stay afloat as he built a career as a freelance writer and content marketer. He created free-lance-now.com to help others use freelancing to escape the 9 to 5 daily grind. 


Ending Notes...

Those were amazing tips on effective marketing for senior business owners! I hope that you found as much value in it as I did. Here at Network Ness, we want to provide good value to business owners of all ages! I definitely find these tips helpful for anyone wanting to grow their business efficiently and effectively. 

If you’re a business owner looking to start marketing on Pinterest, I would love to help! Just shoot me a message! Or learn at your own pace below 😉

Comments? Questions? Ask them below! I will answer as soon as I can 🙂

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