how to do pinterest keyword research

How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research

How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research

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Want to learn how to do Pinterest keyword research? Congratulations! Your Pinterest marketing is headed in the right direction – since Pinterest is a visual search engine, you need Pinterest SEO.

I remember when I was a newbie Pinterest VA managing my first account. My pins performed well, but then I caught wind of how adding keywords could make a difference – so I decided to do some keyword research.

I started adding keywords into my title and descriptions – and lo and behold…

I had my first VIRAL PIN!

 I had discovered the power of Pinterest SEO! And I was very excited to start using keywords in ALL my pins.
So…now that you know that you should be adding keywords to your Pinterest pins, how do you know which keywords to use? Where do you find them? Today’s your lucky day, because I am going to teach you 2 easy ways to do Pinterest keywords research.

#1 Method to Do Pinterest Keywords Research

The first method is stupid simple. You can do Pinterest keyword research directly on Pinterest using the Pinterest search bar. This is a great way to find long-tail keywords for your pin titles and descriptions.

When you type in a keyword, Pinterest will automatically give you suggestions of more words to add to that keyword to narrow down your search. These suggestions are long-tail keywords. You can use these keywords in your pin titles and descriptions to target the people who are searching for those specifics (as long as the long tail keywords are still relevant to the content the pin is linked to).

It’s very important that you don’t stuff irrelevant keywords in your pins! Pinterest doesn’t like this! 

As long as the keywords and long-tail keywords are still relevant to your pin and the content it’s linked to – then you can add a bunch of these keywords in your title and description.
pinterest keyword research screenshot

#2 Method to Do Pinterest Keyword Research

(One of my secrets to good quality keywords!!!)


OMG. I freaking LOVE Pinterest Trends – and once you learn how to use it,  you will love it too! Pinterest Trends is a Pinterest SEO land mine! You can use Pinterest Trends to find out what keywords are currently trending on Pinterest, how they were trending last year, and find some different high-ranking keywords to use!

Pinterest keyword research
pin for pinterest keyword research

You can find out what’s trending in different categories, such as fashion, food and drinks, beauty, home decor, and travel – or you can search for specific keywords to see how they rank. Pinterest SEO magic at the tip of your fingertips!

Look at how easy it easy to see how the keywords compare below. Also, I go over all the details on how to use Pinterest Trends in my YouTube video here or down below!


How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research

Ending Notes...

Now you know 2 easy ways to do Pinterest keyword research! This means that you can optimize your pins…plus you can optimize your profile name and description as well – because yes…you should be adding keywords everywhere. If you didn’t know that you need to check out this video to see where to add keywords (and make sure to follow me on IG while you’re at it!).

If you’re ready to take your Pinterest marketing strategy to the next level, you need to contact me for a one-on-one coaching session, where I will teach you the exact strategy your business needs to grow on Pinterest and get free targeted traffic! Or….you can sign up for the best Pinterest training platform that I recommend below! It is worth every penny, and you will learn the ins and outs of proper Pinterest marketing! #yourewelcome 

Now…if this entire article was confusing and you don’t even know where to start…definitely check out my free Proper Pin Guide here! Get started by making your Pinterest pins the right way! And remember that I am here to help if you need me. Happy pinning!


If you’d rather watch me talk about all of this instead of reading it, check out my Pinterest Trends Updated YouTube video below!

Comments? Questions? Ask them below! I will answer as soon as I can 🙂

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