3 Reasons to Have Branded Pins on Pinterest

3 Reasons to Have Branded Pinterest Pins

3 Reasons to Have Branded Pinterest Pins

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If you’re looking for reasons to have branded Pinterest pins then chances are, your current Pinterest pins are NOT branded at all. Maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe you’ve been branding your pins, but you’re not really sure why or if it’s even necessary?

No worries! I am here to answer that questions for you! 

I have seen it time and time again on Pinterest. I’ve even started managing client accounts that were like this. I look at their Pinterest profiles and I can’t begin to tell you which pins are theirs and which pins belong to someone else. Their pins are so unbranded that I’ve no clue who they belong to…and the fact that I can’t tell them apart from other people’s pins just goes to show how many other people have pins that aren’t branded either!
But before I go into a lecture on branding. I need to address what branding is in the first place.  According to Entreperneur.com, the term “branding” is defined as this:

"The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products"

That’s an excellent definition of branding. But why is it important? And do your Pinterest pins need to be branded? The short answer is YES. But I am going to give you 3 reasons why it’s so important to brand your Pinterest pins. Don’t skip this step. Don’t overlook it. It’s more important than you think to have branded pins.

#1 Visual Search Engines = You Need Branded Pinterest Pins

Ok so if you’ve been following me, watching my IGTV or YouTube videos, listening to me on Clubhouse, or reading my blog posts…you’ve probably heard me say this again and again. Pinterest is a visual search engine. 


This is something that you need to understand and embrace if you want your Pinterest marketing strategy to be a successful one. There are too many people mindlessly pinning on Pinterest. You have to see Pinterest for what it is…a search engine. If Google and Instagram had a baby, that baby would be Pinterest. 

If your pins look like everybody else’s pins and they don’t stand out in any way, shape, or form – guess what? Nobody will be drawn to click on YOUR pin any more than they’ll want to click everyone else’s.  You see, when you search for things on Pinterest, the results will show your pins surrounded by everyone else’s pins too – plus the results will all be offering the same solution. 

For example: If you search for “How to start a blog” on Pinterest, you will find a ton of results that are all answering your question and offering tips, tricks, and advice. This is what it looks like when people search for things within your niche. And if you start showing up with other results, what is going to make people want to click on your pins versus someone else’s?

Well…if your pins aren’t branded then nothing is going to make you stand out among all those results. Let’s talk recognition…

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#2 Familiarity is Attractive so Make Sure You Have Branded Pinterest Pins

You want your pins to be recognizable. You want them to become familiar to your audience. You want people to start noticing that your pins look a certain way, have a certain design, color palette, and logo. Your audience will start recognizing your pins which is super important for your business! 

Familiarity is important! People started using the same color palette, creating logos, and sticking to the same name for their business for a reason!

If you think the McDonald’s arches, the red and yellow colors, and their “I’m lovin’ it” slogan is all accidental – you’re very wrong.

McDonalds is super successful. And they are a great example of genius branding techniques. Their branding is filled with psychological triggers that are attractive. 

This article from Inside Hook teaches you a lot about the psychology behind shapes and colors in branding and how they affect your brain – all in one of the coolest infographics I’ve ever seen.

There is a psychology behind why you want branded Pinterest pins and you’re about to learn why.

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#3 The Mere Exposure Effect Affects Your Business!

Read that title again 😉

Recognition and familiarity are important because of the Mere Exposure Effect aka the Familiarity Principle. What is that? Hang tight because you’re about to learn some psychology today!  #sorrynotsorry 

This ish is important for bizness so stay with me.
The Decision Lab defines the Mere Exposure Effect as follows:

"The mere exposure effect describes our tendency to develop preferences for things simply because we are familiar with them. For this reason, it is also known as the familiarity principle"

This means that the more familiar your pins become to your audience, the more attractive they become! Your audience will be more drawn to clicking on your pins instead of your competition! 


They give an example of a girl, named Jane, going with her family to a Portuguese restaurant. She doesn’t understand the menu and has no clue what to order. Then she flips the menu around and finds they sell pizza and hamburgers. That is less overwhelming to her since it’s something she’s familiar with so guess what she orders? Pizza. Because…FAMILIARITY.

When you start branding your pins with a specific color palette, logo, website domain, and style. They will start becoming more and more recognizable – and the Mere Exposure Effect or Familiarity Principle will start working for your benefit.

As your pins become recognizable, your audience will begin to build trust with your brand. According to this article, we place our trust in things that we recognize versus things that we don’t.

Our decision to click on any pin is increased when we can say to ourselves “Wait a minute, I’ve seen her pins before.”

And that’s it for your psychology lesson today. Isn’t psychology amazing? Another reason why I LOVE marketing. I’m a nerd like that. Anywho…you’re welcome 😉 

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Ending Notes...

If you don’t currently have branded Pinterest pins – you better get your crap together and start branding them asap. Because Pinterest is going to display your pins along with a bunch of other ones. And you want them to become recognizable. You want your brand to become familiar. 

I use Canva Pro for my branding. They allow you to create your own color palette, upload your logo (you can create your own logo in Canva too!), and you can save your brand’s fonts as well. And when you go to design any pins on there, all of your branding options are saved for you to conveniently use.

I’ve been using Canva for years for all my graphics. They have pre-designed Pinterest pin templates you can use to create beautiful eye-capturing pins. They also have templates for other social media graphics, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Plus they have a great variety of stock photos that you can use for your designs – and they have stock videos too.

My ultimate plan is to create a Canva course to teach you guys how to create amazing videos and graphics to help you grab your audience’s attention and grow your business. But for now, you can at least get started on creating some branded Pinterest pins!

And as always, if you have any questions or need more guidance…feel free to reach out! 

Click below to sign up for Canva Pro and start branding your Pinterest pins today!

If you’d rather watch me talk about all of this instead of reading it, check out my YouTube video below!

Comments? Questions? Ask them below! I will answer as soon as I can 🙂

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