how to always have seasonal content on pitnerest

How to Always Have Seasonal Content on Pinterest

How to Always Have Seasonal Content on Pinterest

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Want to know how to always have seasonal content on Pinterest? Well, first you need to know why you should! (I’m not yelling at you, just excited LOL)

Pinterest is a powerhouse for free traffic – and with a proper pinning strategy, you can really send a lot of traffic to your website and increase conversions. And one of the things you need to be strategic about on Pinterest is the SEASONS.

Pinterest LOVES the seasons!

Whether it’s literally winter, spring, summer, and fall – or the holidays, seasonal sports, seasonal travel destinations, or trending topics – Pinterest just eats it up.  
Normally, I suggest that your blog content is seasonal – meaning you find something you can write about on your website that has those seasonal keywords in it to help drive traffic to your business.

But…if you want to make older content seasonal, here are 3 ways to have seasonal content on Pinterest.

#1 Search for Trending Keywords

Before you can start creating that seasonal Pinterest content, you need to find what is actually trending!

That is the first step to always having seasonal content on Pinterest. Do your keyword research!

If you haven’t already, check out Pinterest Trends where you can research keywords, and see how they were trending last year around the same time – to predict how they will be trending this year.

Keep in mind when doing keyword research for trending topics, that you want to make sure you pin your seasonal content ahead of time. If you’re pinning and re-pinning strategically, then it will take time for your pins to reach different relevant boards and start gaining traction.

And when I say seasonal content on Pinterest, I am referring to Pinterest pins with a seasonal title and description – that you will be linking to content that isn’t necessarily seasonal. You’ll learn how to do this in the next step.

Make sure you jot down all those trending and seasonal keywords you find, and be ready to always have seasonal content on Pinterest.

seasonal content on Pinterest

#2 Have a New Perspective (be creative to always have seasonal content on Pinterest!)

What the freak does a new perspective have to do with having seasonal content on Pinterest? It has a lot to do with it! 

You may not realize that you already have seasonal content – even if your blog post isn’t targeted to the seasons or trending topics.

You literally just have to look at the content that you have through new eyes.

For example…let’s say that you are financial coach who helps people get out of debt. You might have no idea how to relate this to the seasons. But you can literally make almost anything seasonal by creating a Pinterest pin full of seasonal and trending keywords that can still be linked to the “unseasonal” content that you have

Valentine’s Day is coming up…so let’s pretend we are trying to make a Valentine’s Day pin to use those trending keywords with content that is linked to services you offer.

You can create a Pinterest pin that is titled, “Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day by Becoming Debt Free!” or “Give Your Loved One Financial Freedom This Valentine’s Day”. These pins can be linked to just about any blog post you might have that introduces your financial coaching – and just like that…BAM! You have seasonal content that you can pin on Pinterest with those trending keywords.

Mindset Coach: “Gift Your Loved One a New Mindset This Valentine’s Day”
Business Coach: “How to Improve Your Business by Valentine’s Day”
Health Coach: “Treat Him with Better Health for Valentine’s Day”

These are all a few examples of random business niches that can easily create a Valentine’s Day Pinterest pin for content they might have that says nothing about Valentine’s – but the pin would still link their audience to the right content.

This can be done for any niche and for just about any holiday, season, or trending topic! What is really important here is that your seasonal Pinterest pin is linked to content that is relevant – which leads me to the last step to always having seasonal content on Pinterest.

pin about seasonal content on Pinterest

#3 Connect the Pin to the Content

This last step is extremely important! If you create a seasonal Pinterest pin that is packed full of those trending seasonal keywords, you need to make sure it is linked to content that is relevant to the title of your pin.


The content you link the pin to has to still make sense and be relevant to the Pinterest pin image, title, and description. Otherwise,  you will get in trouble with Pinterest. The examples above all can be linked to posts about the services you offer and still make sense with the Valentine’s Day pin title. 

But you can’t mislead people with a pin title that isn’t relevant to the linked content. As long as the Pinterest pin has connected content that makes sense – you can always have seasonal content on Pinterest. Be creative and smart so you can use the trends and seasons to your advantage on Pinterest.

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How to Always Have Seasonal Content on Pinterest

Ending Notes...

Having seasonal content on Pinterest really just takes a little bit of creativity. You can have Pinterest pins that are trending, seasonal, and holiday themed every year to use the power of Pinterest’s love for the seasons to your advantage.

All you need to do is find those trending keywords, have a new perspective on the content that you have, and connect the pieces together in order to have a seasonal pin that’s linked to relevant content.

But if you really want to take your Pinterest growth to a whole nother level – try creating brand new blog posts that are tailored to the Pinterest keywords that you find. This will really set you up for having massive traffic being driven to your business.

And Google happens to love the seasons as well – people are always into whatever is trending so give them what they want while introducing them to whatever you have to offer. Remember to always provide value and personality into your content and Pinterest marketing – and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Want to learn how to master Pinterest like a pro and drive tons of traffic to your business?

If you’d rather watch me talk about all of this instead of reading it, check out my YouTube video below!

Comments? Questions? Ask them below! I will answer as soon as I can 🙂

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