why your business needs a blog

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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5 reasons your business needs a blog

If you don’t already know that your business needs a blog, then you have come to the right place – but no worries that you didn’t already know this. After all, blogs used to be more of a hobby thing…not a business move 😉 

Things used to be different. I remember being a little girl waiting for my giant box computer to dial up the internet just to hear the AOL “you’ve got mail” announcement – and enter a chatroom to apparently talk to a bunch of creepers (am I right?…ugh).

And I remember having a flip phone, and being super excited to finally get a phone with a keyboard to make texting easier. This was before smartphones changed the world – and gave us access to unlimited knowledge at the touch of our fingertips (literally).

Over the past 20 years, technology has progressed rapidly and changed how everything works. And in order for your business to really stay in the loop with technology and the advances of the internet…you need a blog.

So take notes, because you’re about to learn 5 reasons why your business needs a blog. #yourewelcome

#1 Google Loves Blogs (one big reason your business needs a blog)

Search engines are amazing. When people started diving into the internet world, they realized that you no longer needed to visit your local library to learn. And that is because people started sharing their knowledge on the internet! Soon, you could find articles from doctors, lawyers, mechanics, nutritionists, and all the experts of every niche!

I mean…Google – so freaking amazing.

Seriously, they have dominated as the search engine for seeking answers to your questions and finding unlimited education. 

And don’t get me started on YouTube. I once worked with a guy whom I watched groom his pet poodle like a pro – and when I asked him if he ever groomed dogs professionally, he said no – but that he learned how to groom his own dog on YouTube (you can’t make these things up).

But back to Google….this is a search engine that you want recognizing your business. If you’re not searchable on Google, then you’re doing business wrong.

Google LOVES blogs. Blogs equal value to Google. They want your website to be filled with knowledge, advice, guidance, etc. They want a content filled website that holds value. This gives Google the green light to rank you and share your website with their audience. Without a blog, you can’t prove to Google that you’re an expert in your niche – so why would they rank your website? 

Now, I am not saying that Google won’t share your site if you pay them to, but if you want organic traffic on Google…you need a blog.

your business needs a blog

#2 Build Trust

Your business needs a blog so you can build trust with your audience.

My questions to you is this…

Why should anyone buy from you when they can probably get the same thing somewhere else?

Don’t get offended and listen. People don’t just buy products or services – people buy from people. You need to make yourself known. Whether you decide to share about your life or educate your audience in your niche– having a blog on your site will make you stand out.

Having a blog where you can share more about yourself, who you are, your mission, your vision, and your business makes the world of difference. People will be more apt to buy from YOU versus your competitor, because they have gotten to know you.

When you can write about the things that you know and love – people will resonate with you and your passion. They will be more interested in what you have to offer, because they will want to buy from YOU. 

They’ve gotten to know you. They like you. They trust you.  And they are your new customers.

business needs a blog

#3 Become an Authority in Your Niche

Your business needs a blog so you can become an authority in your niche. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

And if you offer knowledge, guidance, tips, education, and etc. – you will become an authority in your niche. 

Google will start to see your website as an information-packed and loaded site with value for anyone seeking the information that you have to offer – and the traffic will lead to conversions. 

We know that if you share your expertise, Google will start to treat you like an expert – but your audience will also start to treat you like an expert as well.

And magically, you will become an authority in your niche. 

Also, make sure that if you share knowledge you found somewhere else – you credit the website that you received that information from. For example: This article has 44 awesome ways to become an authority in your niche (and a lot are about your blog content!).

Share your own knowledge and share other people’s knowledge to show Google that you know your stuff. And to show your audience as well! And that if you don’t know, you’re certainly making sure your audience knows where to find that information.

This will help you become an authority in your niche

#4 Sell Without Being Pushy

Nobody wants to hear a sales pitch. Seriously…read that again…

NOBODY wants to hear a sales pitch!

When people come to your website and all they see is products or services being sold – they may not stay for long.

This is the amazing part of a blog. People will come to learn from your expertise, your knowledge, and receive your advice – and within that amazing blog post, you can promote your business.

What’s wonderful is that the blog makes things more personal. People have gotten to know you personally and have learned from you. You’ve built trust, you’ve become an authority in your niche – now when you go to offer your product or service, people will want to buy from you.

It makes a world of difference. And if you’re unsure how to introduce your products or services, you can check out these 6 blog posts to promote your product and get some inspiration.

But there is a psychology behind why a blog is just better for sales. And one of those is the mindset of your audience.

why you need a blog

Your audience has landed on your website to gain access to the value that you have to offer. They came to you. And you already gave them something they wanted. Their willingness to buy a product/service is much more increased than if they had just shown up to your website and had sales thrown at their face.

Your business needs a blog so that you can sell your products or services without being salesy and/or pushy.

a blog for business

#5 Monetization (another good reason your business needs a blog!)

Have I gotten your attention yet? If not for all those other reasons – then this is why your business needs a blog. Because we all know what monetization means. And your blog can be a cash flowing machine.

There is nothing better than having multiple income streams – and the world wide web has made this available to anyone (anyone who knows what they are doing). There are many ways that you can monetize your blog.

So, if you already offer products/services, you can also monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts, and more. Here are 30 ways to make money with your blog. Which is another amazing reason why your business needs a blog.

And if you’re too burnt out running your business and have no time to blog – no worries! You can hire a freelance writers to write killer content for you (clears throat), like me 🙂

Outsourcing your written content is a great idea! Plus, you can hire someone that can ghostwrite for you – which means they can literally write up blog posts in YOUR voice! So you’re still the voice of authority in your industry.

There is no excuse for you to not have a blog on your website. #micdrop

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Ending Notes...

Having a blog on your business website is a super smart move for any business. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or product/service you sell! 

If you sell jewelry, you can blog about fashion styles to match the jewelry you sell. If you sell make up, you can blog about make up tips and do tutorials. If you sell watches, you can blog about time management for busy people. If you sell personalized tumblers, you can blog different drink recipes, gift guides that include your tumblers, educate your audience about who the heck invented tumblers, etc!

The ideas are endless for any and all niches!

My point is this…you want your business to grow and thrive, right? So, you should be doing whatever you need to do to grow your business #noexcuses. If you have no time to write, hire a writer. If you’re not sure what to write about, consult a content creator! There is someone out there who can help. And I can too.
If you’re ready to start your blog, but have no ideas where to start – Here is a free course on how to start a blog (by Suzi, a pro blogger and teacher). This will help you jumpstart your blog in the right direction! Click below to get started!

Please make sure to reach out if you need help with your blog writing or content ideas! I am full of them!

If you’ve already got a blog or want to really dive deep into the blog world, make sure to check out my page Blog Like a Boss – where you have access to all the training, tools, and resources you’ll ever need for a successful blog!

If you loved this post, make sure to share it and comment below to let me know!  You’re welcome to post any questions or comments as well!

Until next time!

Watch me summarize this post in my video below and check me out on YouTube!

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