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4 Powerful Benefits of Yoga and Why You Need It In Your Life

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We are talking about 4 benefits of yoga today – because I know just how easy it is for busy business owners to neglect their physical health. Yup…this is one of those slap-in-the-face posts that will hopefully encourage you to be more self-aware of the fact that you’ve been so busy growing your business, you might be skipping exercising too often. 

And trust me – I know more than anyone that’s it’s hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule!

But today, we are talking about the only exercise I’ve every truly enjoyed…YOGA!

I love yoga so much. It is challenging to me (because I am not that flexible lol!), helps me relax, and makes me feel amazing!

If you’ve never tried yoga, you should! And you’re about to learn why 😉 Today, I’ve invited guest blogger, Hailey Foster from HRFosterWrites, to speak with us about the 4 powerful benefits of yoga and why you need it in your life. Let’s read what she has to say…

4 Powerful Benefits Of Yoga And Why You Need It In Your Life

Yoga is one of the fastest growing activities across the globe, with amazing health benefits, powerful spiritual benefits, and the unique ability to give you an overall sense of balance and tranquility in your everyday life.  It is a phenomenal exercise that strengthens the connection between your mind, body, and soul.

It is a great space for you to dive inwards and focus on healing yourself. 

We live in such a hectic and busy world that we tend to lose ourselves and create a disconnect from our physical and spiritual health. Personal time and introspection tend to get pushed to the wayside once life gets busy, even though it is vital to focus on your mental and physical well-being in order to function at your highest level. 

Yoga is a phenomenal way to find your center and refresh your energy so that you can keep living your life. Here are 4 ways yoga can powerfully benefit your life and how you can work on living a happier and healthier life.

Improves Flexibility And Range Of Motion

One of the most obvious benefits associated with yoga is its innate ability to improve flexibility and range of motion. Not only that, but it can strengthen your core and provide you with proper stability. 

Now, you may be thinking, why should I be concerned with flexibility and range of motion? 

Allow me to elaborate! 

As you age and become more inactive, you begin to lose the ability to do certain motions. For example, your stride might shorten, you won’t be able to touch your toes, or you might not be able to fully extend your arms above your head. 

That’s why you see elderly people take short, restrictive strides when they walk. They have lost their flexibility and range of motion. Losing your flexibility and range of motion can also lead to a life of chronic pain. 

According to the CDC, based on a 2016 National Health Interview Survey data, an estimated 50 million US adults struggle with chronic pain, and 19.6 million US adults dealt with both chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain in their lifetime. 

Yoga is a safe and healthy way to incorporate daily or weekly activity in your life. There is no impact to your joints, it centers around a focus of deep breathing and meditation, and it helps you to stay active and maintain normal function for everyday life.

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Helps You Sleep Better At Night

Most of us struggle on a daily basis to get the right amount of sleep at night in order to feel well-rested or energized for the day. We stay up too late, work crazy hours, or have families to take care of. We are then forced to pump our bodies full of caffeine to help us get out of bed and start the day. 

On top of that, according to the CDC, approximately 4% of the US population utilizes sleeping pills, with a higher percentage of that group being women and older adults. For reference, there are approximately 328 million people living in the US. 

That’s a significant number of people who struggle with this on a consistent basis and resort to other potentially dangerous and unhealthy means to solve their problems. 

So what’s the solution? 

Well, there is no perfect solution. There are a lot of complex factors that play into your ability to sleep, but exercise—and, in this specific case, yoga—has the ability to improve your sleep and keep your body functioning at a healthy level. 

A great practice of yoga to do, especially if you struggle with sleeping or calming your mind, is one centered around meditation and relaxation.  I would highly recommend this type of yoga for those with this concern. 

I received some of the best sleep when I did nightly meditative yoga sessions with a positive and uplifting yoga instructor. I felt at peace and my mind/body was ready for sleep when it came time. 

If you are someone who struggles with sleep and are looking to incorporate some daily or weekly exercise into their routine, yoga might be the practice for you.

Increases Self-Esteem And Confidence

Yoga is a truly personal journey. Most yoga sessions are guided practices that are designed to allow you to receive whatever benefit you need that day. 

Did you have a stressful day? Are you in the grieving process? Did you have a fight with your spouse? Whatever your unique experience is, yoga is a great space to let go of the negative energy and re-center your being. 

Because of this unique function of yoga, there are no rigid guidelines and expectations placed on you to perform at a specific level. No pressure or added stress. 

The benefit to this is that you won’t feel like a failure and no one is judging you. Everyone is there and engaging in the practice for a variety of reasons. 

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If you are experienced and searching for a challenge, push yourself and try a more advanced practice of yoga. Did you have a hard day at work? Treat your practice as a space for reflection and a place where you can decompress. 

Maybe you need time away from the kids? Spend some time for yourself and allow the duration of your yoga practice to be centered on you and bring balance back into your life.  

Have fun with your yoga practice and allow it to build up your confidence. Set realistic goals and reward yourself afterward. The important thing is to listen to yourself and do what you feel is best for you and your life. 

Yoga is not designed to be competitive, rigid, or judgmental. Everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to grow their confidence and self-esteem through their yoga practice.

Great Source Of Daily Exercise

It is vital to exercise your mind, body, and soul. Leaving one part of that equation unattended can result in a lack of wholeness, a struggle with chronic pain and losing physical ability, and a decrease in your overall health. 

As noted by the USDA, maintaining your activity level at 5 hours per week can actually provide you with significant health benefits as compared to the minimum 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise that is recommended (for adults). 

Engaging in a weekly yoga practice, one to three times per week, can vastly improve your overall health and wellness. Yoga can re-center the mind, improve your connection with your soul, and strengthen your physical body. 

Yoga is such a diverse and unique exercise practice. There are so many different types and styles of yoga practices and you have the power to choose the best form of practice for your life. For example, there is meditative yoga, hot yoga, Vinyasa yoga (great for beginners), and more. 

If you are new to the practice, Vinyasa would be a great place for you to begin your yoga journey due to its focus on stretching and the connection with your breath. 

Perhaps you need to focus on re-centering yourself and drawing a stronger connection between your body and spirit, a slower, more meditative approach to yoga would be the most beneficial for you. 

One of the best things about yoga is that it rejects the normalized fitness standard of “pushing past your limits” and the “no pain, no gain” motto. That is not how yoga should ever be practiced. Yoga is a space where you get in touch with yourself and you are able to learn more about your body and what it needs, not pushing it past its breaking point.

Bringing Things Back To Your Center

If you are struggling to find the right workout or exercise for you, yoga might be the perfect thing you are looking for. It is an amazing practice that allows you to be in touch with your spiritual self and gain a true understanding of your unique body. 

Don’t compare your practice with others!

Everyone’s practice is unique and should be in relation to their life. We all have our own unique experiences that shape us into who we are and we all require different things to help us improve our lives. 

Have fun and explore all the different styles of yoga out there! Whether you are an experienced yogi and are looking for a challenge in your yoga practice or you are looking to implement more meditation into your life, yoga is a great form of exercise for anyone. 

Regardless of the type of yoga practice you choose, it should be an enjoyable experience and motivate you to go! Exercise can be fun and is a great way to gain strength, flexibility, and confidence. Yoga is a practice that can truly connect your mind, body, and spirit for a well-rounded and balanced individual.

About the Author

hailey foster freelance writer

Hailey Foster  is a freelance writer for hire and aspiring fiction writer! She adds a fresh, creative, and engaging spin to your writing and content needs! She specializes in copywriting and content writing with a focus on health & wellness and cannabis writing. She is an avid reader, gamer, and long-distance runner! Reach out to her at HRFosterWrites or Linkedin for your next project!

Ending Notes...

Yes! This is exactly why I love yoga so much! It’s just soooo good. I hope that you try it out! 

But if it’s not your cup of tea, it’s all good – just make sure you start getting some kind of exercise into your daily or weekly routine! It’s not worth growing an empire of a business if your physical health starts to decline. Take care of your mind and body too!

If you haven’t read this post, it’ll help encourage you to make healthy lifestyle changes. I highly recommend it if you know you haven’t been eating healthy either! What really matters most is that you make an attempt and are trying to be consistent – in your physical and mental wellness. Because taking care of your mind and body is the best way to set yourself up for overall success. 😉

Comments? Questions? Ask them below! I will answer as soon as I can 🙂

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